Friday, 15 December 2017

2nd Child : the birth of Sofea.


Cepat betul masa berlalu skarang ni.. and as i promised earlier, im going to blog about my 2nd child..

Latest Update ; usia kandungan no 3 adalah 34 minggu!! (panic mode ON)

Her name is Sofea binti Khairil Anwar.
I'm so happy that my husband gave me full authority to choose her name *love* .

Yes, she is an intended pregnancy.
Maksudnya, selepas Ahmad 2 tahun , me and my husband agree to expand our family member with 1 syarat :- i want to deliver my 2nd child through operation. hehehe
Well, Ahmad was delivered thru emergency c-sect and i realized that i couldn't bear any labour pain coz my pain threshold is very minimal and my recovery process after c-sect was great.

So, in 2014, i was in my family medicine master programme (UiTM) & my husband was in orthopaedic master programme (UKM) and we are about to sit for our part 1 exam when i confirmed my pregnancy. Maybe to some people master programme is easy (sape lah tu..) but not to us unfortunately. My hormonal kick makes me feel guilty everyday... even worse, my 1st born pon asyik la meragam..hard to explain.
Hence, the decision for me to quit the programme & the promise of my husband to graduate on time.
That is the history of Klinik Sofia ... (i just like that name walaupon masa tu baru 1st trimester)

Back to my 2nd pregnancy history,
We did our check up with the same soft-motherly nature Dato' Dr Siti Zaleha in SJMC..
Funny part was, Dr Siti nampak je my face in her clinic, her 1st question was "how many children do you want Suria?" and my answer was " 3 enough for me.."
Dr Siti said " lets have elective c-sect this time then ." ahahhaha

Kita hanya merancang, i was schedule for my elective c-sect on 27th October 2014, Monday..
Allah knows best .. on Sunday morning of 26th October 2014 , i had my contraction pain after suboh.. I thought it was just my normal morning contraction which usually lasted for 30 minutes - 1 hour but it gets intense by 8am. Thank god i ate nasi briyani Syed the night before..

We were in the car by 8.30am heading to SJMC but as the contraction was killing me, i ask Anwar to go to the nearest hospital --> DEMC Shah Alam.
Guess what, i was 9cm at DEMC emergency ( bye2 to my dream of elective c-sect plan ) and my water broke spontaneously in the elevator to the labour room.
Dato' Dr Zamri was the O&G doctor oncall that day.. at 9.30am, Sofea, our 2nd child was born..

I feel quite proud of myself coz i didn't take any painkiller (x sempat pon) or entanox (so called happy gas) before or after the delivery process. Dr Zamri was indeed a nice man and penyabar.. (but i still menyorok kalau ternampak die during my check-up now hehehe)
My husband was the happiest man on that day - i can tell u that .. he must be doing very good that Allah has granted his doa for me to deliver normally.
For that, he said - ok, sayang u can choose our daughter's name. ceit.

All my close family was surprised with my successful SVD story.. They even confused when Anwar called them to inform i was in labour room in DEMC..
So that is Sofea's birth history. Full of surprises ..

How its gonna be to my no 3 ? Well, up until now, i tell my Obs Doctor - Dr Jumeah, the plan is NO Plan. Please doa for my smooth, easy, fast & not painful delivery & recovery process.. amin..

Till my next blog, xoxo.

** all photos credit to Azmir Khalid - he took Ahmad's photo too. Both Ahmad & Sofea had this photo session at my mom's house on their day 6 of life. **

1st family photo of 4.. ahmad punye emosi breakdown still x settle

Thursday, 16 November 2017

After 3years & 8 months of Hiatus

its been ages. my last blog was still about my 1st born.
now im carrying my no 3 .. phew.. life is ok.... i guess. rollercoaster ride of course.

So, lets do fast update
- my 1st born -Ahmad is now 6 years old (his bday will be in 11 days)
- soon to be in year 1 .. so fast..
- my 2nd born - Sofea. She is 3yo.. currently in playschool. Adore her big brother so much.
- i will do special post about her InsyaAllah..
- i'm no longer a gov doctor. I quit my master in family meds (UiTM) in 2014 , after completed 1 year programme to family priorities. Not because the prog stressed me out.. hehehe
- My dear husband , then was doing his ortho master programme under UKM , now Alhamdulillah just had his convo 2 weeks ago. He's Mr Khairil Anwar now.. KKM ortho specialist.
- i have my own GP-clinic now in Shah Alam.. this clinic was opened in May 2014.. it just 5 minutes drive from my home.
- I am 7months+  pregnant my no 3.. uncomplicated so far..Alhamdulillah. my due date will be at the end of January 2018, insyaAllah.. pray for my smooth, painless delivery and recovery.. amin..
- im still managing my clinic Mon-Friday & my kids myself most of the time..
- i just got my new maid last week...yaahoo! after my 5 years lovely maid decided to return back home and get married in January this year.. i was maidless for freaking 10 months & i survived!! hahahaha >> imagine during that time, my husband was doing his final exam & i was in my 1st -2nd trimester of pregnancy.. the rollercoaster ride was like hanging legs type of ride with 80% loops..
- now , everything much comforting except that the fact of being pregnant at 7-8months is never comforting at all.. hehe but Alhamdulillah.. Allah has the greatest plan of all.

so thats all for now, i hope i could blog more often..

Till then, xoxo
Universal Studio Osaka 2016
Ahmad turn 5 & Sofea turn 2 bday party at Little Kingdom

summer trip to Osaka 2016

Saturday, 29 March 2014

When Ahmad Aidil is 28 months of age

Tibe2 rasa nak blogging.
Ahmad dah pon mencapai usia 2 tahun 4 bulan jagung.. Its been a while..well Ok lama dah x update his developmental milestones.
In conclusion : normal growth. Alhamdulillah..
Gross motor/Fine motor/ Speech (yg ni rase mcm over his age pon ade) also social skills semue within his age range. Nothing worries me much.
Its more up to me and Nwar on how to shape him.. And thats really a big challange.
Why am i saying that?
Well, as a parents we always want the best / or even better than the best for our little one. We tend to be "kiasu" type of parents - which is annoying but yeah, we cannot help it. Hahahaha
Lg stress when we see some of our friends/ sedara mare or anyone who apprently we could see their daily updates on their children thru social network.. Haa mule la kan kalut.
Lps tu ayat2 ni sure kluar - B, kawan i dah anta anak die pi this gym class/swim class / playschool/ etc.. We should send our child too u know..
Dapat husband yg kiasu jugak. Mmg best la. The answet will be : yes la darling. Lets fine the best class for him/her hari ni jugak! Nanti anak org pandai, anak kite ...
Jeng jeng jeng..
U can put me as the kiasu mother like the one i mentioned above, but my husband answer will NEVER be like the kiasu husband..
Nwar punye jawapan always sounds like this : swimming class? Awak nak pakai baju sexy2 then swimming dgn mak bapak budak skali ramai2 ke?? (Put the mean face here) hmm nevermind, i could teach him myself. Playschool? Perlu ke?
Something like that.. like cathode and anode. He neutralizes me.. Then makes me rethink on wutever plans that i have in my mind for my son.
ni konon2 swimming class with dear Mr Papa

I started to realize, what exactly that i want for Ahmad?
I know i cant push my son to be a doctor when he wants to be an engineer bile besar nanti. Thats different story. (But i do can choose who will be his bride! hahaha im his mother, who cares. )

But do i want him to be like those yg party type of dude yg tibe2 mati kat concert mana2 ntah dlm keadaan yg mengaibkan ..??
OR boring type of guy yg follow bapak pi masjid/surau.. Or even better someone who could Imam a masjid??

sambutan maulidurrasul 2014.. hari2 la practice selawat sekuat kuat hati.. hehehe

I see lots of professional muslim/tahfiz skarang ni..Some of them are even our friends. They are not just ustaz or tok imam. They are tok imam/ustaz yg doctors, Irs, CEO to big companies!

So, that is a challenge and i am very clear with what i want for my children's future.
Alhamdulillah, my dear husband and parents/inlaws are my hardcore supporters. Yeahh!

The 1st step : Learn to be professional Muslim parents.
- ade byk class. Bukan anak je kene blaja, parents kene byk ilmu di dada dulu.
- where/ what class? Google je. Eg : young khalifah, darwish darwisha, little caliph parents conference.. Etc.. Jgn la cari class free je.

2nd : Practice
- always start from home!
- jgn laa mama still pakai bikini, pastu expect anak nak jd hafazah.. No offends. Tp dgn izin Allah ape pon boleh jadi. But still, we need good examples here..
- expose them to what u have learned.

3rd : Good Foods
- halal of course! Bukan dr bahan shj yg penting dr sumber wang ringgit juga..

4th : Supporting
- send them to playschool/ montessori/ any beneficial classes.
- ni bukan la wajib.. Coz i think most of them buat bende yg kite bleh ajar sndiri kat rumah. But sometimes, yeah we have to work..etc..
- yg ni actually makes me feel less guilty kene pergi kerje n x dpt full time didik anak.. ☺️

with one of his buddy - Aliff

5th : Advance plans
- think or start searching what type of school nak hantar when primary/secondary/university
- kalau hantar sekolah kebangsaan, think about supporting classess : kelas agama/hafazan/etc..
- if private/international school : ?spm/o level/ ? Islamic studies
- Uni? come on, takkan nak harap biasiswa baru anak kite nak masuk universiy kan? beli baju anak mahal2 bukan main, what about education?

Well.. Penat fikir?
I'm still learning too.
My mom always remind me to do lots of doa.. InsyaAllah pasti ada jalan ( ~lagu Maher Zain~)

And yes, we are expecting another babies too!

Baby no 1 - mama scan sendiri ok.. EDD ; 7/11/2014 insyaAllah

Baby no 2.. in Shah Alam very soon.
Till then. XOXO

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Saturday, 1 March 2014

Recipe Trifle

Salam.. Entry kali ni khas utk cousin2 kesayangan saya 😍.
Selamat mencube yerr !

Amaran - resepi ni x sesuai utk org kencing manis. Sekian.

Bahan - bahan :

1) fruit cocktail - guna size besar.
2) sliced peach - terpulang la nak gune buah ape pon sebenarnye. Ikut citarasa masing2.
3) susu cair 1 tin
4) tepung kastad
5) kristal jelly jenama nona
6) swiss role cake - i gune perisa vanila with strawberry cream.

Cara-cara :

Potong swiss role then susun kat dlm bekas. Bahan2 kat atas ni boleh buat 2 bekas pyrex mcm gambar atas tu.


Buang air koktel buah tu then tabur buah sahaja di atas swiss role cake tu. Lepas tu letak tepi n sediakan kastad.


1 tin susu + 1 tin air kosong (guna tin susu yg sama) + 3-4 sudu besar bird custard + 3-4 sudu besar gula. Kacau bagi hilang ketul2 tepung tu then panaskan atas dapur.

Kacau je. Gula x yah banyak2 sbb byk bende manis dah dlm bahan2 ni.

Kacau sampai pekat lebih kurang gambar kat atas tu. die jd mcm melekat kat sudu n tepi2 periuk n berkilat. Sile hati2 sebab panas.


Tuang kastad tadi terus ke atas bekas yg kite dh prepare awal2 tadi.


Susun buah peaches.
Then bancuh kristal jeli nona tu ikut instruction kat kotak tu and tuang je kat skali. Sejukkan!
Dah siap!

So jgn lupe 1 bekas tu hantar kat saya yer.. Tq


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Friday, 15 November 2013

Let's start it all over again!

waaduh2.. sungguh berhabuk

salam all..ehh salam my dear blog.
tuan rumah balik ni..

So , time flies so fast..
Briefly, me and husband almost 6 month in master programme now. So i can say thats the main reason for me being so bz..besides other things too.
Anwar is continuing his study for his dream to become an Orthopaedic surgeon..
His part 1 exam will be at the end of this month by the way.
Doa for his luck please..
And me, also further my study to be come a FMS (family medcine specialist).. heehee i'm so a family woman, indeed! Wish me luck.

Mr little Ahmad?
hmmm my cheecky little boy is not so little anymore
He is going to be 2 yo really soon.
i'm happy of course.. with his progress and all.. but somehow realizing that he is growing so fast make me nervous.. yup.. such a drama queen mama, i am.

This year my big family blessed with so many newbornssss.. !
let me recall.. hhmmm.. bleh ingat Syafi's in january, Harith's in September, Nufayl - just few days born.
Alhamdulillah.. more umat Nabi Muhammad SAW.
Just have to prepare extra duit raya for next year..pheewwww hehehe

There's nothing new with our home sweet home since the last year Ahmad's 1st birthday party.
This year, we are going to celebrate it at other place instead.
InsyaAllah will update about it.

Went to this studio photoshot recently..

Dr McMama

till then xoxo

Friday, 19 April 2013

Working trip sangat..

Testing blogging using blogpress.
Speaking about working trip., its not as fancy as it sound. Its not a nice luxury trip like others usually had when going for working trip. Mine is more like a visit. Routine medical visit to some rural area.
This is my first time going to pulau ketam. I dont think its that rural but it is a pulau. So i need to get on ferry to go there.
Parking fee : rm3
Return ferry tickets : rm 14
This is the ticket counter

Hehe.. Old school sgt. I was sitting at the same bench with the counter lady.
This is the jetty n ferry

- chinese kung fu ? Cerite hantu movie was on tv.. Great!

Free sitting.. Berhayun quite strong for someone who used with small diving boat. So not recommended for those yg mabuk laut.

Oh, i took the 9.30am departure n the service is on time.
Arrived the pulau after 30minutes boat ride.

This is the pulau ketam jetty

Its either u walk or cycling.. I bet people here are much healthier than ppl in town.

The main lane from jetty to the houses area, shops, restaurants n clinic.

Thats the clinic. I kind of like it here especially for friday blues~
Too peaceful.
My mom once told me that my grandparents used to come here when she was young. I dont know whether she herself ever been here or not but am very sure non of cousins did.
So enjoy the pics!

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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

11.... 12...Ahmad is already 15 month!

Hehehe long silent as always.
In fact, he's soon to be 16month by next week. cepatnyeee besar!
Lots of progress.. from crawling-walking- now even running!
Mama? hehe still having menses regularly every month. Best part, now i finally can wear back my size 27 skinny jeans..hooreeyy! without diet or gym or slimming plan. flabby tummy? still there anyway. Nwar said im still sexy thou (hahahha!) so me = happy!

@11 month
- started to stand with support
- prefer to eat semi-solid food : cerelac fruits flavour is one of his favourite..kfc mashed potato also will do.
- babbling alot. Calling "ma.." and "pa.." clearer.
- Papa, Atok and Jaddi are still his most favorite persons.

@12 month
- still standing with support. Cruising everywhere. Sometimes brave enough not to hold anything but still not working.
- love to show-off his ability to stand without help in fornt of his mama Dada. (its funny coz his not doing this infront of anyone else)
- we celebrated his 1 st birthday twice! ( 1st during the Awal Muharram, then during the house warming)
- at this time foodwise, he was more interested to our-adult food rather his own.
- Gigi : still 4. hehehe

@13 month
- Ahmad took his 1st step!!
- eat almost everything that we-adult people eat. Not the spicy one of course.

@14 month
- happy toddler running around like nobody business.
- had his 1st flight experience to Kota Kinabalu for family trip
- refuse to eat baby food now. Prefer normal rice but mashed potato still acceptable. and..french fries. duh! there goes my "healthy diet" plan for him.

@15 month
Turn through the pages of a book by flipping many pages at a time. He could understand when i ask him to take his book and read. 
- He'll take 2-3 books and ?reading at the same time. hmm whose method? must be either mama or papa exam-study skill.
- Have a pincer grasp
- Sleep 8 - 10 hours a night and take one to two naps
- Can say mamma, papa, "awok", "ennekk", 'peppeyy", "daahhh" - for jaddah, "dii" - for jaddi.
- Understands simple commands
- Tries to imitate animal sounds : excited with cats and birds rather than fishes.
- May develop attachment to a toy or object : the white cat teddy & greeny froggy.
- Experiences separation anxiety and may cling to parents : most of the time over his papa. he is so papa's son!
- May make brief journeys away from parents to explore in familiar setting : cant blame him much.

So now enjoy some of his bday celeb pics..i'll upload the rest of it in my fb later. pinky promise.

Till then, paka~