Wednesday, 10 October 2012

8, 9 & 10 !

yup.. Ahmad is 10 months old now.
Indeed, im too busy and lazy to update.
Anyway, mama is trying her best now, as always.

1) Physical : nothing much changed physically, as we can see - he just has another tooth to complete a set of
                    6 ( 4 at upper gum, 2 below).
2) Motor skills :  He's a pro crawler, good cruiser and i caught him trying to stand still without support  for
                          about 3-5 secs sometimes.
                         Oh, now he finally able to hold his own bottle while feeding. Finally!
3) Evolving language : he seems to respond to simple verbal request like " who is Ahmad Aidil? pick up your
                                  hand! " - he'll put up his hand (right hand usually).
                                  He able to wave goodbye.
                                  Ahmad is now talking ( baby language) a lot too.. He says "papa", "maa", "bababaii"
                                   " apetempetem -?? "
4) Social development - i can say he's a really friendly little boy. Love making friends & play with them.
5) Feeding : tolerate most semi-solid food well so far, thou he has his fav dish - mainly anything with cheese.
                   Mama did a lot of baby-home-cooking lately too.. =)

Hmm ape lagi? i think that's all for now about little Ahmad.
A little update about us : Anwar is coming back to work in Selangor very soon. Alhamdulillah..
This also means we have to get our house ready to move in..ergghh ..i hate packing!

Enjoy some pics of Ahmad.
Till then, Paka!

8m : 1st hair cut since day 7 of life cukur jambul
9m @ ASZ family day in Cherating

9m : 1st touch to seawater
10 months old baby boy in a basket

Monday, 10 September 2012

Aidilfitri 2012

I think its not too late to wish Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri & Maaf Zahir Batin to everyone.
We had such a wonderful raya this year with additional of mr little Ahmad Aidil to the family.
Mama will try my best to update your latest progress together with the few months that i missed.
Wish me luck !

our green theme raya outfits are sponsored by Jaddah   =)

Monday, 23 July 2012

Ahmad Aidil belated 7 month old

I owe Aidil's 7 month update.
Moving from Melaka to Selangor..settle down with new environment..etc..
So, i'm being posted at Klinik Kesihatan Bandar Botanic in Bukit Tinggi Klang.
Its situated just next to AEON Bukit Tinggi. seriously next to shopping complex - what a dream place! haha

Back to my dearly son, he turn to 7 month few weeks back.
Update :
 - still having 2 teeths with endless drooling of saliva. people said there's must something i didnt get to eat
   during pregnant..hmm , well i just think thats normal for infant.
 - love to explore. touching things are just not that adventurous to him. He must taste it.
 - expert crawler and able to stand + walking ( more like jumping and running to me) with help.
 - tolerating solid feeding well.. poor him, mama able to prepare homemade food for 2 weeks jer..after that
   till now he's on ready made organic baby food. Its ok darling, i will cook for u back once everything settle.
- person anxiety...hmm.. not that obvious. sometimes yes. most of the time, he kinda friendly.

Oh, i enroll him to a fitness/gym class for babies. hahaha
Mama always want him to make friends at his age since being the 1st cucu for both parents side is not really helping. Anyway, he fit well in that class even tho he's the youngest. Too bad that mama is the one who really need a fitness class to accompany him every week. =p

i'm 7 month old today mama, im ready to bite!

happy face with butterfly on his forehead.

Thats all for now.. ~love~

Sunday, 22 July 2012

bYe ByE Melaka.. dasvidaniya!

As always, i hardly find good time for blogging.
For most people - my friends, family already knew that i'm no longer working/staying in Melaka.
27th June 2012 was my last day working in Klinik Kesihatan Klebang Besar.
To my suprise, they did a farewell party for me and another 3 staffs that also moving out from this KK.
Sitting on the chair, listening to my YM speech, remind me to the 1st day i stand on that land.. it was April 25th 2011, and i was 2-3months pregnant!
I could'nt describe how i really feel.. I'm happy to go back to Selangor - as thats my hometown, all my family, shopping complexes are there.. but i also kind of sad leaving this place.
Hate thinking about sad things ( we use more energy and muscles to frown compare to smiling) , life must go on. no such thing like jack & rose - u jump, i jump in this case.
Thank you so much to everyone in Melaka for being part of my good memories.
Here are some pics that i would like to share..

Till then, Paka!

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Wedding Bells - part 2 (pics)

Here are some pics taken during one of my cuz wedding.
Pic quality was not that good due to my laziness to bring the old NIkon in my handbag and my new Nikon still in wishlist that time.
Nevertheless, i still love this old sony compact digicam. Muaahh!! love3

reception at PJ
Tahlil @ KRU night before reception from our side
sempat snap gambar ni jer before rush to Hosp Putrajaya..

Thats all for now.. daa~

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Wedding Bells

Its really been a wedding year to my family this year when 3 of cousins decided to get married.
Oh, yup there's another one coming by end of this year, insyaAllah..
Here the list :
1) March 31st : Aliff & Intan solemnization @ PJ ( unable to attend due to oncall)
2) April 7th : Aliff & Intan reception @ KRU. (datang sekejap sgt coz rush to putrajaya for Ayah )
3) May 5th : Adib & Sya solemnization @ Bkt Gambir.
4) May 12th : Adib & Sya reception @ Shah Alam
5) May 27th : Izhar & Marini solemnization @ Kuantan
6) June 2nd : Izhar & Marini reception @ KRU (unable to attend coz went to another wedding from Anwar's family side @ JB)

So, Aliff, Adib & Izhar are my handsome cousins from ibu side.
Alhamdulillah and congratulation to these 3 couples.
Good Luck to incoming one! ( Ayun, u r next remember! )

Mari tengok gambar! ( sorry Aliff, ur wedding pics kat another camera, which is with sufi right now. K ya upload later k )

Wajah-wajah cuak Adib & Sya

3 toll kene..hahaha baru Johorian! 
reception @ Shah Alam
Izhar & Marini Solemnization
Reception in Kuantan
Reception @ KRU
Till then, Paka! :)

Thursday, 31 May 2012

Ahmad is 6 month old !

Aaarrrrrghh..  so fast!
This post suppose to be 4 days ago..but its ok. at least i didn't skip for a month.
Alhamdulillah, he has grown well and healthy so far.
No fever since born, just mild runny nose/cough when he was 2-3 month.
Now, very active. Still learning how to crawl forward, able to sit with assistance.
Able to slide down from our bed without fall! (die seronok ok coz terus boleh berdiri kat bedside *0*)
Oh, best part is he has a tooth!
Konon dah besar la kan..hehe but still carying bile kene jab for pneumococcal n refuse to drink the Rotavirus vacc ..haisshh. (ur papa was like "don't vomit Ahmad pleaseeee....$$$ tu.." hihihihi)
But of course, he did vomit a little bit =p

I haven't start solid food for him yet coz i think i'm not ready  due to time constraints & coz i think its best for me to start it on weekend - where he and i can sit, relax so i can monitor him properly..
Some preparations anyway has been done earlier in spite of our busy schedule.
I've done reading the how to wean your child chapter, best 1st food lists, the meal schedule, also did some shopping for weaning - which part of the list i bought at the MV Mom & Baby Expo few weeks ago.

Talking about the expo - lots of good brands were there. Even my fav BeBehaus store also took part this time.

Unfortunetly, maybe coz we went on Sunday - final day, so lots stuff already out of stock.

I think this expo lack of  "weaning product", eg : baby cubes only at Fabulous Mom booth, Beaba at bebehaus. Hopefully there will be more variety next time. :)

pigeon's liquid cleanser,wipes, mamour tooth brush set, silicone trays, thermos food container,  stroller fan
My In Progress reading.. - Ahmad pic at Pa&Ma -Azmir Khalid adv 0_0

About reading, i really in Love with MPH online store.
I manage to get the last copy of Annabel Karmel book and their service was superb.
If you have any book in mind, just call them to check the availability and they even can reserve it for u - and they do keep tract with customers.
Its easy, if u prefer to buy it yourself, reserve it. If not, they sent it to u - with a little postage charge.

K la, till the next post, paka! ( bye2 in Russian Language)

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Kuih Bingka Ubi

Mode masak : ON ( hehe tipu!)
This was done by my mak long few weekends back.
Also another easy recipe coz if not, I'll definitely say - kite beli je laa mak long!

Ingredients :
1 Ubi kayu (about 200-300g)
- grind it n leave it until the starch n
water separated.
2 Gula Melaka x1 - make it syrup.
3 Santan kelapa (~800mls)
4 Wheat flour
5 pinch of salt

Method ( see pics below )
1) mixed the starch of tapioca with gula melaka ( Pic 1 )
2) steam it for about 15-20 minutes using my wedding gift steamer/ multipurpose stove. ( Pic 2 )
3) meantime ,mix few spoons of wheat flour into santan until it slightly thickened. ( Pic 3 )
4) put a pinch of salt
5) pour 3 on 2 then continue steaming for another 20-30minutes & it's done!

Let it cool dulu la kan before we serve.
See the last photo to see betapa sedapnye kuih ni. Hehe

Till then , xoxo.

Monday, 21 May 2012

~Monday blues~

It's always a hectic day for Monday coz the clinic where I work - for the time being, will be over loaded with patients..
Maybe later I could snap some pictures to show the situation.. Tp mcm freak-show la plak kan tetibe dr amik gambar org pagi2 ni. We'll see..
Jadi, whilst I'm waiting for pt to come in (there r procedures they hv to go thru prior entering doctor's room) , I nk blog something that make me happy n forget the blues for a while. Hehe

I did some cooking nowadays.. But I'm not a master in this field. I used to call someone for guardians

Recipe to share today is Gulai Labu.
Never eat this before until I got married. It is very simple recipe, taste very nice n loaded with nutritions too :)

Ahmad was 5 month, mama?

Hmm this is really my bad.
I think I got quite a few postpone post to write. I think I need to list it down coz I feel like I already lost my tract ;p
1)Aidil's 2nd Aqiqah
2)Aidil's 4 month milestone - forget it.
I think I shall continue with his
5months je.
3)wedding of my cousins

Ini je kot. Wutever la.

So, on last April 27th, Aidil has turn 5months old. A week before that (18th) was my 28th birthday. Yes, 28. I am that young, tq.

Let's proceed with lilttle guy progress :
- he could say "maaaa" !
- able to tolerate normal tap water temperature . Kalau x budak ni nk mandi heated water je.
- love to jump when we hold him.
- able to crawl on the 1st May! Hehee tp gear R.
- eyeing us eating n drooling like we r so mean not giving him food.
- had his 4months jab & rotavirus vaccination. He cried laa tp for a while only. We plan nk soh jab for pneumococcal terus tp x jd coz kesian. But next month sure kene jugak. Hehe
There r few more which, I just can't recall them now but nevermind.

As for me, my achievements so far .. I could say good. But can be improve later.
- I'm married n blessed with a son at this age.
- my time for work n family is well managed.
- I fail to exclusive breastfeed my son. Aidil had it for about 3-4weeks only. But still , I thanked Allah for that.
- wut else eh? Hmm oo yes, Anwar treated me with a very nice dinner at a exclusive restaurant here in Melaka.
- my parents gave me something cuter than my old nikon dslr which easier to carry in my handbag.
- I got myself a new handbag hehe :)

Hopefully I could get more free times to blog.
Till then , xoxo.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012


I don't know how to start this post but day by day I keep reminding myself to do this.
This is a tribute post to my beloved ayah, Hj Ramlee bin Mohamed who passed away 2weeks ago in Putrajaya Hospital for Aspiration pneumonia.
Ayah is not my biological father, but all my life, I always have 3 fathers ( 4 after I got married).. :
1st is my biological father
2nd is my step father
3rd is ayah @ my uncle.
By family tree, ayah is a husband to my ibu's elder sister - whom I called Mak.
After I was born, Mak is the person whose taking care of ibu during pantang session , including taking care of me. We stayed with their family until ibu's 2nd marriage - when I was 11-12 years old. Thus, ayah is just like my real father who raised me together with his beloved 3 children.
Ayah was diagnosed with diabetes almost 6-7 years ago. He keeps healthy in spite of the sweetness in his blood. Not until few days before I'm going to start to work ( after delivery ) when suddenly at midnight I got a phone call saying that he is not well . Nwar n I rushed to Shah Alam and we noted that he had hypoglycemic attack - maybe due to poor oral intake/loss appetite 2' prolonged cough/URTI /pneumonia.
He got admitted and discharged.
I started to work back on 1st of March and everyday I called ibu, asking for Ayah condition.
Oh, before that I manage to teach kak ngah and adib using the glucometer! :)
Ibu said ayah was no more hypo but condition is still not improving.
2 weeks after that, I persuaded my ibu to talk to the family n bring ayah to hospital again - and they did.
Ayah got admitted to medical 4A ward until he passed away ( after almost 3 weeks admission) - Mak and 1 of his nephew (abg nor) was there with him.
Most of the family members got this shocking news at the same time coz we were at one of our cousin 2nd reception in Kg Raja Uda, Klang.
Me, Nwar n Kak Long rushed to the hospital right away while Adib and Kak Ngah were already at the highway.
Sufi - my youngest sister was not there as she went to her school visiting program in Kuantan.

To my son Ahmad Aidil, mama wants u to know as much as I do about all important person in my life , and Arwah Atok Ayah is one of them.
Here are some remarkable memoir of him :
- he is the person who taught mama from Aliff, Ba, Ta until Al-Quran. ( we always end up with swollen eyes after every session coz he is so strict!)
- he was so happy and proud with mama when I got offer by MARA to further study in medicine at oversea. He persuaded your nenek to not reject the offer.
- he was the spoke-person during mama and papa engagement.
- when Arwah atok ayah performing Hajj, mama called him almost everyday from Moscow.
- he used to be the family Imam during solat jamaah and the one who recite doa in most of family events.
- he's a Bilal at the surau and was selected to be the Amil Zakat by JAIS for few years.
- Atok ayah was a very smart and good-looking person. He loves to wear complete baju melayu with songket on every Friday when he was working at UITM.
- he loves eating western , high class food with nice restaurant environment or hotels.
- masak asam is another his fav food.
- he loves our home in Melaka..
- he was from Parit Jawa, Muar,Johor. (i believe he's a pure Malay.. No jawanese blood )
- our last family holiday was the ombak rindu trip ( you were just 2 months )
- oh, when I was leaking (b4 delivering u), he came to nenek house with nenek mak to see me.
- he was your 1st visitor at nenek's house after coming back from hospital.

There too many things to list down anyway.. I hope, at least u know something about him.
The most important is to sadaqah him Al- Fatihah whenever u/we remember.

"Dunia hanya lah pinjaman semata mata, akhirat yg abadi.. Dan setiap hamba Allah pasti akan mati . "

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Ahmad is 4 - months!

Quick update..about my lil prince
He is 4 months today
I'll update about the milestones later.. ( hopefully soon..)

U have grown so fast, sayang!

his new sleeping style

Monday, 12 March 2012

Aidil is 3 months old!

Aidil's actually turn to 3m old about 3 weeks ago and i just realize that i didnt write any post about it yet.
Forgetful me.. anak baru sorang. My head is too messy with everything.
Hopefully it will get better soon enough.

One thing that makes me really happy today till i cant stand another day to postpone this post is because,
finally, Ahmad Aidil able to get on his tummy today!!  \\^0^//
This happened at Kg. Ketapang, Pekan,Pahang - Aidil's Tok Mi & Tok Lid ( Anwar's ayah side-grandparents house)

too bad sempat snap pic jer..x sempat nak rakam video
I now its not a big deal ( to some people) but i was very happy.. and me just being a drama queen mama didnt know how to react to this progress.
hehe but then i decided to clap my hand like i just wont 1million dollar jackpot. =p
He's been trying to do this since few days back but, u know,  my family just couldnt leave him unhold for long.
Thus his effort usually left halfway.
This is his 1st time in Pekan, 1st time for my parents and mak long too - as they also came along with us.

This weekend is actually a hard decision to make for me and Anwar.
We have a very best friend of mine wedding in Kulim  and a kenduri of Anwar's relative who helps us a lot during our wedding till Aidil's 2nd Aqiqah ceremony in Kuantan.
At last we decided to go to Kuantan coz 1st, family is always 1 step more important for both of us, 2nd - Anwar is going to have a course in Perlis by end of this month, so we shall visit our best friend that time.

Speaking of Aidil's 2nd aqiqah ceremony, i think i'm going to write about it in my next post - soon, hopefully!

Till then, xoxo!

p/s : Congratulation to my best friend Nurul Hidayah Ishak & husband! i really wish i could be there..

pic credit to Fauziah Ahmad FB

Thursday, 8 March 2012

the Ombak Rindu Family Trip

Hahaha title tak hagak..
Akhirnya sampai jugak seru nak update blog yg bersawang ni..

Well, we went for a short family trip during CNY holiday to Kelantan-Terengganu.
Its actually a long-time postponed trip that has been plan since i was 6months pregnant!
My ibu was the trip leader ( as always.. ) and the main reason we all wanted to go to the east coast of Malaysia is for FOOD!
Yeah.. we all loveeee pantai-timur food. the nasi kerabu..ayam percik..tomyam..nasi sup..etc.. yum yum

So this trip includes 3 families - Keluarga kak Sal ( my ibu =p ), keluarga Mak J & keluarga kak Leha (hehe thats our mak long) with 4 cars - yes we went by cars with lots of pitstops

Peserta rombongan :
  1st car : Papa, Ibu, Sufi & Ahmad ( duduk dgn nenek hokesss..sabo je la)
  2nd car : Kahar, Bda, Pak Tam, Wafi
  3rd car : Qayyum, Faisha, K.Ida
  4th car : Nwar, Me, Mak long & Mak Tam
We make collection for hotels/apartment and meals (rm25 per head per day - sgt berbaloi and murah okes! ) - hehe kate rombongan cik kiah..

penumpang kereta no4 - layanan 1st class
Journey started at dawn (3am..zzzz) on Sunday coz papa plans to have Subuh prayer at R&R Sg Perak then breakfast at Kuala Kangsar ( kampung area ) so that our journey thru Grik hopefully will be easier.
Kat Kuala Kangsar Tol, we met Kak ida's family ( she came with Faisha and Qayyum) after that eyeing any local stall along the road yg nampak syok for breakfast.

Oh, Ahmad was doing sooo good all the time.. he slept soundly in his scout ( finally my husband got the idea why i wanted to buy that scout - he said it worth the money we spent sbb anak die tido lena..hehe) then woke up happily time kite org breakfast. Wut a good handsome boy he was! =)

Then we continue our journey to Kelantan. arived there around 12noon.
Our 1st pitstop was a ayam percik stall - which cik ka dok merengek dr shah alam nak ayam percik =p

hot from oven .. sanggup tu tunggu demi ayam percik

aku yg nyaris2 nak sergah pengantin yg dtg lambat..haishhh

pengantin yg berarak nak dekat kul 4 ptg.. semoga berkekalan ke akhir hayat.

wajah2 aku je ke kt meja lauk ni? hehehe

Oh, actually there's a wedding (papa's staff) that we hv to attend @ Pasir Mas area.
Jadi, we had our free lunch at the wedding.. Then checked -in to our apartment @ Kota Baru area.
Alaaa.. ni yg boring update lambat2 ni.. lupe dah name apartment tu. tp it situated betul2 depan masjid kt tgh2 KB tu. 
Wutever.. but its very convinient for a big family vacation - ada kitchen, 2 rooms + 1 big hall, good location.

rajinnyeee mok chu sufi.. hehe ni je gambar dlm apartment tu yg bisa dikongsi..yg lain sensored.
I seriously couldnt recall every single thing we had/ did but all i can say, it was a great vacation.
I always love a big family holiday.. love the merriness!
It just sometimes impossible to gather all of us as a family at the same time, same place.
Hopefully next time, may Allah bless us with more rezeki so that we could plan another cool family trip ~,*

So, the ombak rindu part was actually on our way back to KL.
We slept over at Kuala Terengganu for a night, thus sempat laa buat little window shopping at pasar payang and feast our tummy with the local seafood stall.

Ahmad had his 1st swimming pool splash at the hotel as well!
we went betul2 at noon dgn harapan air pool tu tak la sejuk sgt kan..hehe pity him.
We just want him to get used with his parents one of many fav things to do.. =p
He survived anyway..- for less than 5 minute ( at least we/he tried hehe )

wif his best travel partner.. abg wafi!

muke x puas hati hehe
Till my next post, love!