Tuesday, 24 April 2012


I don't know how to start this post but day by day I keep reminding myself to do this.
This is a tribute post to my beloved ayah, Hj Ramlee bin Mohamed who passed away 2weeks ago in Putrajaya Hospital for Aspiration pneumonia.
Ayah is not my biological father, but all my life, I always have 3 fathers ( 4 after I got married).. :
1st is my biological father
2nd is my step father
3rd is ayah @ my uncle.
By family tree, ayah is a husband to my ibu's elder sister - whom I called Mak.
After I was born, Mak is the person whose taking care of ibu during pantang session , including taking care of me. We stayed with their family until ibu's 2nd marriage - when I was 11-12 years old. Thus, ayah is just like my real father who raised me together with his beloved 3 children.
Ayah was diagnosed with diabetes almost 6-7 years ago. He keeps healthy in spite of the sweetness in his blood. Not until few days before I'm going to start to work ( after delivery ) when suddenly at midnight I got a phone call saying that he is not well . Nwar n I rushed to Shah Alam and we noted that he had hypoglycemic attack - maybe due to poor oral intake/loss appetite 2' prolonged cough/URTI /pneumonia.
He got admitted and discharged.
I started to work back on 1st of March and everyday I called ibu, asking for Ayah condition.
Oh, before that I manage to teach kak ngah and adib using the glucometer! :)
Ibu said ayah was no more hypo but condition is still not improving.
2 weeks after that, I persuaded my ibu to talk to the family n bring ayah to hospital again - and they did.
Ayah got admitted to medical 4A ward until he passed away ( after almost 3 weeks admission) - Mak and 1 of his nephew (abg nor) was there with him.
Most of the family members got this shocking news at the same time coz we were at one of our cousin 2nd reception in Kg Raja Uda, Klang.
Me, Nwar n Kak Long rushed to the hospital right away while Adib and Kak Ngah were already at the highway.
Sufi - my youngest sister was not there as she went to her school visiting program in Kuantan.

To my son Ahmad Aidil, mama wants u to know as much as I do about all important person in my life , and Arwah Atok Ayah is one of them.
Here are some remarkable memoir of him :
- he is the person who taught mama from Aliff, Ba, Ta until Al-Quran. ( we always end up with swollen eyes after every session coz he is so strict!)
- he was so happy and proud with mama when I got offer by MARA to further study in medicine at oversea. He persuaded your nenek to not reject the offer.
- he was the spoke-person during mama and papa engagement.
- when Arwah atok ayah performing Hajj, mama called him almost everyday from Moscow.
- he used to be the family Imam during solat jamaah and the one who recite doa in most of family events.
- he's a Bilal at the surau and was selected to be the Amil Zakat by JAIS for few years.
- Atok ayah was a very smart and good-looking person. He loves to wear complete baju melayu with songket on every Friday when he was working at UITM.
- he loves eating western , high class food with nice restaurant environment or hotels.
- masak asam is another his fav food.
- he loves our home in Melaka..
- he was from Parit Jawa, Muar,Johor. (i believe he's a pure Malay.. No jawanese blood )
- our last family holiday was the ombak rindu trip ( you were just 2 months )
- oh, when I was leaking (b4 delivering u), he came to nenek house with nenek mak to see me.
- he was your 1st visitor at nenek's house after coming back from hospital.

There too many things to list down anyway.. I hope, at least u know something about him.
The most important is to sadaqah him Al- Fatihah whenever u/we remember.

"Dunia hanya lah pinjaman semata mata, akhirat yg abadi.. Dan setiap hamba Allah pasti akan mati . "