Thursday, 31 May 2012

Ahmad is 6 month old !

Aaarrrrrghh..  so fast!
This post suppose to be 4 days ago..but its ok. at least i didn't skip for a month.
Alhamdulillah, he has grown well and healthy so far.
No fever since born, just mild runny nose/cough when he was 2-3 month.
Now, very active. Still learning how to crawl forward, able to sit with assistance.
Able to slide down from our bed without fall! (die seronok ok coz terus boleh berdiri kat bedside *0*)
Oh, best part is he has a tooth!
Konon dah besar la kan..hehe but still carying bile kene jab for pneumococcal n refuse to drink the Rotavirus vacc ..haisshh. (ur papa was like "don't vomit Ahmad pleaseeee....$$$ tu.." hihihihi)
But of course, he did vomit a little bit =p

I haven't start solid food for him yet coz i think i'm not ready  due to time constraints & coz i think its best for me to start it on weekend - where he and i can sit, relax so i can monitor him properly..
Some preparations anyway has been done earlier in spite of our busy schedule.
I've done reading the how to wean your child chapter, best 1st food lists, the meal schedule, also did some shopping for weaning - which part of the list i bought at the MV Mom & Baby Expo few weeks ago.

Talking about the expo - lots of good brands were there. Even my fav BeBehaus store also took part this time.

Unfortunetly, maybe coz we went on Sunday - final day, so lots stuff already out of stock.

I think this expo lack of  "weaning product", eg : baby cubes only at Fabulous Mom booth, Beaba at bebehaus. Hopefully there will be more variety next time. :)

pigeon's liquid cleanser,wipes, mamour tooth brush set, silicone trays, thermos food container,  stroller fan
My In Progress reading.. - Ahmad pic at Pa&Ma -Azmir Khalid adv 0_0

About reading, i really in Love with MPH online store.
I manage to get the last copy of Annabel Karmel book and their service was superb.
If you have any book in mind, just call them to check the availability and they even can reserve it for u - and they do keep tract with customers.
Its easy, if u prefer to buy it yourself, reserve it. If not, they sent it to u - with a little postage charge.

K la, till the next post, paka! ( bye2 in Russian Language)

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Kuih Bingka Ubi

Mode masak : ON ( hehe tipu!)
This was done by my mak long few weekends back.
Also another easy recipe coz if not, I'll definitely say - kite beli je laa mak long!

Ingredients :
1 Ubi kayu (about 200-300g)
- grind it n leave it until the starch n
water separated.
2 Gula Melaka x1 - make it syrup.
3 Santan kelapa (~800mls)
4 Wheat flour
5 pinch of salt

Method ( see pics below )
1) mixed the starch of tapioca with gula melaka ( Pic 1 )
2) steam it for about 15-20 minutes using my wedding gift steamer/ multipurpose stove. ( Pic 2 )
3) meantime ,mix few spoons of wheat flour into santan until it slightly thickened. ( Pic 3 )
4) put a pinch of salt
5) pour 3 on 2 then continue steaming for another 20-30minutes & it's done!

Let it cool dulu la kan before we serve.
See the last photo to see betapa sedapnye kuih ni. Hehe

Till then , xoxo.

Monday, 21 May 2012

~Monday blues~

It's always a hectic day for Monday coz the clinic where I work - for the time being, will be over loaded with patients..
Maybe later I could snap some pictures to show the situation.. Tp mcm freak-show la plak kan tetibe dr amik gambar org pagi2 ni. We'll see..
Jadi, whilst I'm waiting for pt to come in (there r procedures they hv to go thru prior entering doctor's room) , I nk blog something that make me happy n forget the blues for a while. Hehe

I did some cooking nowadays.. But I'm not a master in this field. I used to call someone for guardians

Recipe to share today is Gulai Labu.
Never eat this before until I got married. It is very simple recipe, taste very nice n loaded with nutritions too :)

Ahmad was 5 month, mama?

Hmm this is really my bad.
I think I got quite a few postpone post to write. I think I need to list it down coz I feel like I already lost my tract ;p
1)Aidil's 2nd Aqiqah
2)Aidil's 4 month milestone - forget it.
I think I shall continue with his
5months je.
3)wedding of my cousins

Ini je kot. Wutever la.

So, on last April 27th, Aidil has turn 5months old. A week before that (18th) was my 28th birthday. Yes, 28. I am that young, tq.

Let's proceed with lilttle guy progress :
- he could say "maaaa" !
- able to tolerate normal tap water temperature . Kalau x budak ni nk mandi heated water je.
- love to jump when we hold him.
- able to crawl on the 1st May! Hehee tp gear R.
- eyeing us eating n drooling like we r so mean not giving him food.
- had his 4months jab & rotavirus vaccination. He cried laa tp for a while only. We plan nk soh jab for pneumococcal terus tp x jd coz kesian. But next month sure kene jugak. Hehe
There r few more which, I just can't recall them now but nevermind.

As for me, my achievements so far .. I could say good. But can be improve later.
- I'm married n blessed with a son at this age.
- my time for work n family is well managed.
- I fail to exclusive breastfeed my son. Aidil had it for about 3-4weeks only. But still , I thanked Allah for that.
- wut else eh? Hmm oo yes, Anwar treated me with a very nice dinner at a exclusive restaurant here in Melaka.
- my parents gave me something cuter than my old nikon dslr which easier to carry in my handbag.
- I got myself a new handbag hehe :)

Hopefully I could get more free times to blog.
Till then , xoxo.