Tuesday, 19 March 2013

11.... 12...Ahmad is already 15 month!

Hehehe long silent as always.
In fact, he's soon to be 16month by next week. cepatnyeee besar!
Lots of progress.. from crawling-walking- now even running!
Mama? hehe still having menses regularly every month. Best part, now i finally can wear back my size 27 skinny jeans..hooreeyy! without diet or gym or slimming plan. flabby tummy? still there anyway. Nwar said im still sexy thou (hahahha!) so me = happy!

@11 month
- started to stand with support
- prefer to eat semi-solid food : cerelac fruits flavour is one of his favourite..kfc mashed potato also will do.
- babbling alot. Calling "ma.." and "pa.." clearer.
- Papa, Atok and Jaddi are still his most favorite persons.

@12 month
- still standing with support. Cruising everywhere. Sometimes brave enough not to hold anything but still not working.
- love to show-off his ability to stand without help in fornt of his mama Dada. (its funny coz his not doing this infront of anyone else)
- we celebrated his 1 st birthday twice! ( 1st during the Awal Muharram, then during the house warming)
- at this time foodwise, he was more interested to our-adult food rather his own.
- Gigi : still 4. hehehe

@13 month
- Ahmad took his 1st step!!
- eat almost everything that we-adult people eat. Not the spicy one of course.

@14 month
- happy toddler running around like nobody business.
- had his 1st flight experience to Kota Kinabalu for family trip
- refuse to eat baby food now. Prefer normal rice but mashed potato still acceptable. and..french fries. duh! there goes my "healthy diet" plan for him.

@15 month
Turn through the pages of a book by flipping many pages at a time. He could understand when i ask him to take his book and read. 
- He'll take 2-3 books and ?reading at the same time. hmm whose method? must be either mama or papa exam-study skill.
- Have a pincer grasp
- Sleep 8 - 10 hours a night and take one to two naps
- Can say mamma, papa, "awok", "ennekk", 'peppeyy", "daahhh" - for jaddah, "dii" - for jaddi.
- Understands simple commands
- Tries to imitate animal sounds : excited with cats and birds rather than fishes.
- May develop attachment to a toy or object : the white cat teddy & greeny froggy.
- Experiences separation anxiety and may cling to parents : most of the time over his papa. he is so papa's son!
- May make brief journeys away from parents to explore in familiar setting : cant blame him much.

So now enjoy some of his bday celeb pics..i'll upload the rest of it in my fb later. pinky promise.

Till then, paka~