Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy Birthday to Wafi!

I'm so happy today (ok yesterday actually) coz we did a small family gathering just to celebrate Wafi's 2nd birthday & enjoying ourselves watching Maharajalawak Mega - Finale. (congratulation to OsBon ^_^ )
Its like a routine for wafi to celebrate his birthday again here in my ibu's house just because of Me ! (last year sambut bday time family meeting for my wedding day
Big hugs & thanks to Bida & Kahar yg sudi fulfill my request..
Anyway, Rainbow cake tuh sgt sedap (tp aku on diet..hehe) - courtesy of Adib & Sya (from Smooch)
To Wafi (nanti dah besar bace blog ni k) aunty baby (ker mama baby best?) wish u
-Happy 2nd Birthday!
-Semoga ceria and bahagian sentiasa
- i will pray for your health and success in life also akhirat..InsyaAllah.
Love u!!

2 tahun

1 tahun (geramnyeee tgk pipi!)
Rainbow cake by Smooch
little present from us
Bye for now! *_~

Friday, 30 December 2011

Preparation of Little Prince

This post is just to remind me the joy of preparing stuff for my little one.
When i look back at these pics , i'm glad that i/we prepared at least 95-98% before the arrival of lil prince.
You dont really have much time after the baby's out, indeed. 
Coz if u do have some, u gonna spend it just starring at his/her adorable tiny face..hahaha
It's been 34days ( minus 1 day - out to hosp for wound inspection) me stuck inside my mom's house T_T
There still another 10 days??
 God knows how much i miss the fresh air outside ( include shopping malls smell.. *o*)

courtesy of atuk & nenek ( tq so much!)

bath/dressing set

swinging cradle for nenek house ( this is his 2nd bed, 3rd - is another cot  at Jaddah's home in USJ #_#)

my artwork when i couldnt sleep at night

papa tried his best to be a mechanic - how many hours did u take eh? haha

Seronok kan? For bakal mommy, wut ya waiting for??
Go shopping! end year sale skarang ni..( i'm so jealous! T_T )
Till then..xoxo

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Confinement a.k.a Berpantang


I guess this is quite an issue to most woman nowadays.
I know some say that berpantang ni so outdated - doctor tak advice pon, etc, and some still religously on it.
For me, seriously i have no issue about it + no choice (LOL!)
My ibu said - if u nak stay with me after bersalin, u have to berpantang.
And i was like - wutever.. layan je. No harm pon. + i ate a lotttttttt during pregnant ( gain up to 25kg y'all!)
So this is another way for me to lose mr fatty tissue (hopefully)
Tapi mine way of berpantang tak la as strict as dulu2 time.. i like it anyway.
Everyday kene massage, kene tungku - mcm spa! love it ^_^ then pakai bengkung - which is just like corset.
Ibu bought me Set Bersalin Ibu Halimah ( its a gift from her workers actually ) and for me ( i have a very sensitive nose) set ni sgt2 ok. Tak busuk and complete - for me la coz mak bidan gune je semue brg2 tu.

As for food pulak, ade la few this and that yg my mom x bagi makan but i can drink as much as i wanted.
The only thing yg sikit2 make me dizzy is x bleh kluar rumah. hehehe suffocate sket.
But i can deal with it.
So my conclusion - pantang is not as bad as i thought before. Yeay!

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

1 month old

Alhamdulillah..Ahmad Aidil is now 1 month old.
Got his 2nd Hep B jab at Paeds hosp in USJ ( x tahu hosp ape since his father yg bawak die pon x ingat! hmmm)
Brought him to diff hosp coz actual apt should be in SJMC on Tues but his father will not be here - back to work in Melaka. 
After searching - this is the only paeds hosp/ clinic yg bukak during public holiday.
Sorry coz i couldn't tell which hosp coz i myself pon xsure - all i know its in Taipan USJ.
Aidil is now
weight 4.7kg (between percentile 50 and 75) 
 lenght 57cm (between percentile 50 and 75) 

with his jaddah (nenek) @ Anwar's 27th  bday
-too sleepy to sing bday song for his father

Majlis Aqiqah & Cukur Jambul

Honestly i dont really remember hukum-hakam regarding aqiqah& cukur jambul ni (last time i check was mase nak exam agama spm kot) until i got pregnant and did some readings back.
We didn't have so much time to properly plan and everything coz u know , i work in melaka and start taking leave just 1 week before my edd, pastu byk bende/barang lain need to be complete/beli here and there.
To be exact, i ajak ibu pergi ke Ty Gallery  ( as she suggested ) on Monday (21/11/2011) morning coz petang tu ade checkup plak kat SJMC.
Bincang2, i informed them wut exactly that i wanted+had in mind (ini la akibat terlebih google majlis aqiqah anak org lain) then bla3...reconfirm everything thru phone calls and email ( i'm soo in IT world lately) and hari Ahad i delivered.
I sgt happy with everything - Ty gallerynye workers pon semue sgt bagus and very easy to work with.
Lots of thanxx to my ibu yg handle most of other things out, together with mr husband and family members.
My family (lead by my senior cousin - kak ida and abg jalil) masak sendiri daging kambing tu & ramai puji sedap sampai ade mintak recipe & request tukang masak utk derang nye majlis plak. hihi
Semoga Ahmad Aidil & ahli keluarga mendapat berkat dari Allah swt..

Majlis Aqiqah & Cukur Jambul
3rd December 2011 / 7th Muharram 1433H
Venue : Klang 
Theme : White & Green
Deco : Ty Gallery (Candy buffet/Dias/Door gift)

 Aqiqah sebagai ibadah yang telah disyariatkan oleh  Allah s.w.t. sebagaimana penjelasanRasulullah s.a.w. dengan sabdanya yang bermaksud: "Setiap anak yang lahir itu  terpelihara dengan aqiqahnya yang disembelih untuknya pada hari ketujuh (daripada hari kelahirannya), dicukur dan diberi nama." (Riwayat Abu Dawud, al-Turmuzi dan Ibnu Majah)

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Baby & Hospital Bag Checklists

Hi all..
During my pregnancy - since its the 1st one, i found out that i was a bit lost when thinking about shopping for little one.
I can say that I kind of well-organized person and i prefer to settle things one-by-one coz its improtant to me stay in-control with everything that i done, or else i will get headache and my mood-swing tornado will easily get on my way. I hate that to happen - everyone does. :p
So, i googled here and there + do some research myself and make these checklists to guide me all the way.
Thus here is what we call sharing is caring..

Baby Checklist
Hospital Bag Checklist

Enjoy listing, mothers!

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Delivering story

Salam ..
its been a while since my last post to this blog. Fuh..finally i got the answer for all the questions i used to ask myself - before deliver + sleepless night  --> wut happen to all mummy to be bloggers post partum?? why didn't they update their blog anymore?? ..hehehe now i know..

So remembering momments of delivering my little prince was priceless!

26th November 2011
@ 10am - still lying lazily on bed.. chit chatting with nwar (pujuk him to bring me to movie at noon =p )
@ 10.40am - felt wet on my panty..ingatkan i x sempat pi toilet punye wet but then rase mcm lain sket.
                     this was funny coz both of us mcm on denial state sket untill i wait for another 2-3 minutes n try
                     to move kiri-kanan n the leaking jd more obvious.
                     There was no pain at all tp my leaking tu bukan la mcm drama swasta yg mcm air
                     came out slowly n minimally.
@10.50am - inform my parents ( ibu tgh masak nasi lemak time tu..hehe nasib baik dah nak siap) then went
                    for shower. Still calm & relax coz not in pain. 

After shower, i ate nasik lemak ibu (suprisingly she managed to cook completely) and make sure my hosp bags are ready and complete. Lepak2 sket tenangkan fikiran then pukul 3.30pm baru pergi hospital.
Ok, kindly not to follow wut i did coz its not safe to wait too long after u have leaking/pecah ketuban. Please go to hosp ASAP.

@ 4pm - Arriving SJMC labour room with wheelchair..hehehe suruh nwar tolak me on chair coz takut jalan nanti air meleleh leleh plak..errkk

In Labour Room (all the drama started)
- tukar2 baju then buat CTG yg berjela-jela.
- i hate to be in labour room ( as a patient, of course!) so gave excuse nak jalan2 (padahal duduk kat waiting room outside LR with family member, borak2 sambil tgk tv) sampai la almost 7pm kot when Dr Siti datang to see me.. Lepas tu terus stay je kat dalam.
Oh, forget to tell that i puposely didnt go to any antenatal class just bcoz it scared me to death to realize that soon or later i have to be just like my patient while in O&G posting dulu.. sometime denial helps.. ^_^

Initially i was planning to deliver as natural as possible but somehow i just realize (while on labour room bed with os open 3cm) that i actually have a very very low pain threshold.
For me, VE ( most ppl call it kene seluk) is painful and it was hard for me to cooperate when anybody has to perform it ( i dont care how much experience u have).
Maka dengan itu, Nwar pon suggest me to take epidural which make me look at him n said
" I still ingat how epidural needle looks like! " hehehe but i have no choice, its either let them do VE and bear the pain or take epidural n pray. so I finally agreed for epid - tp i ask them to call the anaest lambat2 coz i x sakit. hahaha
@ 9.20pm, SN datang nak prepare me for epidural.. Ok, kene cucuk branula kaler hijau tu sakit tau!
@ 9.35pm - Dr Ling datang nak pasang epidural. Borak2 mcm n nwar kenal his friend, die pon
                    kenal our friend..bla3..
                  - Finally -> kene cucuk epidural tak sakit pon! i was very happy with my decision!

27th November 2011

@1am - Os 7cm with contraction 4-5:10 strong. CTG good, reactive.
@3am - Os fully dilated , Contraction was so frequent and i could feel the baby head pressing my pubic
              bone. it was painful even tho with epidural!
              I sempat ask nwar - dosa i byk sgt ke sampai sakit mcm ni?? (hehe..dramatis sungguh.)
              I took entonox few times and hate it till now.
@4++am - Os full, station high, i pon dah separuh sedated n no energy so -->> EMLSCS

@5.43am - i heard the most wonderful sound ever n it changed my life forever.
                   For all the pain and hardwork, it just more than worth it!

So totally i kene stay kat hospital for 4 days. Wound insoection at day 3..tuh yg jd lama tu. Kalau gov hosp. wound inspection at day 2 biasenye..takde beza sgt pon.
Alhamdulillah now bertambah sihat and i'm still learning to be a good mother.
Wish me luck! ~_^

Prepared 2 weeks prior EDD

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Introducing My Little Prince

BORN ON 27th NOVEMBER 2011 @ 5.43AM
1st MUHARRAM 1433H
WEIGHT : 3.63 kg
LENGTH : 51.0 cm

Special Thanks to :
1) My Husband - Khairil Anwar
2) Dato' Dr. Siti Zaliha - our Obs. Consultant
3) Dr. Ling K.U - epidural anaest
4) Dr. Chiu Chiaw Ling - Op Anaest
5) Our Parents, Siblings, Family Members and Friends
6) All hospital staff

Alhamdulillah.. Now mother and son are both healthy & in good condition.
Now partially breastfed my child due to some situations.. will try to improve it soon - InsyaAllah.
I am trying my best and do wish me luck! ^_~

Our first family picture @ Aidil's 13hours of life