Sunday, 27 November 2011

2nd & 3rd Trimester

Salam Maal Hijrah...

Earlier this morning -26th nov , I said it's my due date n I was still on my bed at home.
Well, I'm still on bed right now - but in labour room, in labour for 14 hours now . Hehe
So let me blog about my 2nd trimester n 3rd trimester while i could.

2nd trimester ( bulan ke 4-6)
- gain weight like no one business
- I did MGTT at my KK tanpa paksaan
•result turn out normal :)
- still low immune status n emotionally
- love to watch masterchef Australia.
- started to do checklists.
- Alhamdulillah able to fast the whole
Ramadhan, tp terawih x dpt nak buat
- I love jalan2 n won't complain sakit
kaki or wutever but usually end up
mild ankle edema - which lasted for
few hours je ^_^
- sambut 1st raya at ibu's house in Klang n then went to PIL house in
Subang at around 11am. & I really
Love my pinky preggy kaftan raya.
- able to beraya to almost all sedare
mare houses kt Klang valley, Kuantan, Pekan, Penang & Kulim!
- oh not to forget, our memory kereta nwar mati right in da middle of bz road, in front of bazar Ramadhan yg jual2 baju raya tgh2 malam coz I drag him nk tgk jualan kt situ :p

So conclusion - I had wonderful 2nd trimester hx.

3rd trimester ( bulan ke 7-9)
- another bad hx when I had premature contraction during 30weeks of pregnancy ( Dlm 7bulan ++)
- 1st time pi GH Melaka - kene inject IM. Dexa utk matangkn paru2 baby yg sgt sakit to the max!
- patut kene admit but took AOR dc n x bg nwar inject 2nd dose of dexa.
- officially called as queen of AOR n defaulter by my own husband due to my refusal for any hosp admission.
- started to buy baby stuff sikit2.
- started to hv difficulty to sleep at night at around 8 month pregnant.
- weight gain xyah cakap la. N I actually buat 2nd MGTT mase 28weeks mcm tu - tp result 2hours after tu x leh nk pakai coz I cheated. Huhu. But my fasting sugar was normal still.
- semua org around me ckp I will deliver b4 due date. So as precaution, amik maternity leave awak seminggu dr edd. Tp baby saya baby on time rupenye..
-my water broke at 1040am , 26th nov.

Skarang tgh in labour room sambil tgk Man United vs Newcastle (seri 1-1) n my lovely husband right beside me, sleeping on chair..

Semoga Allah permudahkan urusan kami.. InsyaAllah.

Saturday, 26 November 2011

My EDD & 1st Trimester

It's finally 26th of Nov - which is suppose to be my due date but here I am, on my bed at home, couldn't sleep as usual with no sign or symptom of labour - yet.
We'll see how it goes this whole day.. It's too early to predict anything now. Wutever it is let's leave it to qadaq n qadar.
So let us proceed with my 1st trimester history.
As we know , pregnancy ni divided into 3 stages/ trimester. So untuk 1st 3 months tu we call it - 1st trimester, follow w 2nd trimester ( bulan ke 4-6) then 3rd trimester (7-9month). Once kandungan reach 36weeks or 9 bulan, we call it "term" - means cukup bulan n selamat utk bersalin . Atau bile bersalin, baby u weight over 2.5kg - already dianggap matang walaupon time tu x reach 36weeks pon. So nanti paeds takde la kalut sgt pon nk sediekn incubator ke hape bile u beranak. Kecuali la u bersalin kt private hosp , which they always sumbat gak baby tu Dlm kotak tu coz they want to prevent any complication or unexpected event or kasi tambah sket bill korang. Hihi biase la tu.
So utk org yg high level of consciousness with high expectation and willing to spend ur $$$, u r most welcome to private hosp. Kalau tak, gov hosps are not a bad choice either. It just they don't entertain unnecessary request. But trust me, they r reliable.

So back to my 1st trimester hx, like all pregnant women out there, I pon kene alahan jugak. But it was not as bad to some unlucky preggers la.
Common symptoms like :

1) morning sickness - I got it. Especially time nk bangun tido n gosok gigi. Kepala sakit gile & follow w muntah. Lepas muntah biasenye ok dah tp ade gak few times x ok. Can't avoid it la kan.

2) pv spotting ( per vagina spot.)
- this is another prob jd kt I time around 4-8 weeks x silap. Scary la kan sbb it can be anything - tanda nk gugur bole, ectopic pregnancy ke .. Sape tahu kan. So we went to see obs specialist. 1st visit tu scan mmg nampak sac kt Dlm rahim tp time tu kn still early, so nk kate viable or not tu mcm 50/50. Maka, I kene 1 injection of progesterone - to relax muscle2 kt rahim tu n hopefully prevent gugur n to see the dr back in a week. So kene relax la 1 week tu - dpt mc ! Huhu
Unfortunately, bleeding I x stop2 pon even thou dah 2 kali appt n 2 kali kene inject (sakit la gak) . I kene keep on resting kt umah n cannot do this n that. Which was very boring! Sampai rase mcm give up je dgn pregnancy ni - felt like kalau nk gugur , gugur la cepat. Wut a bad me .. Hmm.. Tp lepas tu aunty I dok nasihat my ibu to try traditional way plak. Kt rumah nenek I kt Kg Raja Uda tu ade la bidan lama yg byk berjasa kt sana. So, we went to see her n she did nothing to me but mcm pegang2/ tekan sket kt area inguinal I tu. Sakit sekejap je ( I hv very low pain threshold) then ok. Die Kate urat I tegang kt area tu, not properly placed .
Alhamdulillah, since that day I dah xde bleeding lagi ! Hehe so science doesn't always have the solution rite!

3) symptom2 lain tu mcm
- teringin nk mkan something , ade la gak kadang2.
- emotionally unstable : hmmm :p x mengandung pon slalu je emo.
- low immune system - mmg pon, nk2 bile hari2 jumpe org demam/flu/sakit mate..errgghh.
- rest are quite ok je for me.

Actually, being pregnant ni very subjective . Hopefully jgn la ade yg anggap org pregnant ni mengade je lebih, etc. Dlm al-Quran pon ade tulis kan - mengandung menjadikan badan bertambah lemah ..
Tp this is not a way to make excuses also.. Jgn la bg alasan sengal jumpe doctor just for mc. Tak baik tau..

So , I'm done with my 1st trimester strory. Feel free to ask / share ur experience with me.

Till then.. muuaah!

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Maternity & Children Expo @ Midvalley

HI all.. 
b4 ni i ade tulis that i wish i hv enuf time b4 deliver utk pergi expo ni.. hehehe
so, Alhamdulillah.. last saturday dpt gak pergi ( even tho en hubby buat muke - perlu ke pergi??)
Actually xde la byk pon nak kene beli lg.. i just hope i dpt completekan my checklist yg tertunggak.
The expo was fun - byk gile kedai / promo and people! seronok sgt jalan sampai tak perasan my hp mati - maka termissed la antenatal appt on that day.. ( en anwar - i think i need a new hp..hehehe =p).
       One thing that i've learned is - stroller sgt la tak sesuai dihurung to this kind of place. Its easier to bring ur baby dgn carrier je kot. As for nwar, he said better x payah bawak baby langsung to this kind of crowded area. Dah la skarang musim hujan so lots of ppl kt situ ade byk la penyakit.. tak pasal2 anak kene same. 
My opinion plak - maybe ppl bring their baby along so that kalau nak beli anything, they can try it on the baby terus.
Tp bab stroller tu mmg x sesuai nak sorong kt tpt sempit + crowded mcm ni.. sakit perut i bergesel dgn handler stroller2 itu..hehe 
Tp kalau ibu tunggal tu, i understand la. maybe berat kot kan nak carry baby lg.. nak beli brg lagi..
Hmm.. wutever la. Hopefully sume org enjoy shopping like i did =)

~saya sudah pandai edit picture! ~

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

@ 39 weekd + 4 days

another 3 days for my EDD and still no sign nor symptom of labour - yet.
It seems like my baby denying all of the predictions made by people surrounding me =p
Or maybe he just wants to give some times for his mama to strongly-mentally prepare and ready with the labour experience.. Well..i do feel very nervous+scare+cantbelieve that im pregnant now..
Allah knows the best and i just wish everything will go smoothly, without complication, & me can bare all the pain of normal delivery..Amin..
I had my antenatal checkup with Dr. Siti @ SJMC last Monday - after few weeks of default appt,( of course for good reasons). Baby is fine so far - fetal heart good, cephalic (head downward), liquor / air ketuban is reducing (which is normal with my current gestational age) but there were 2 things that make me a bit worry

1st - from scan baby weight is estimated around 3.67kg --> besarnyee..muat ke nak kluar thru my birth canal ni??

2nd - i cannot tolerate VE! damn it was painful - for me.. T_T . Hubby seems to be a bit irritated with my reaction - he really has no idea on how it feels! & Dr Siti suggested that maybe i should take epidural for delivery - which I DON'T want to!!
I'm not scared of needles but i do afraid of epidural needle! Anaest was my final posting during housemanship, & for god sake, i still remember how it looks like!
i seriously feel stress & sad with myself..
kagum sgt with all mothers yg pernah go thru semua ni..

Ya Allah.. please berikan hambamu ini kekuatan to go thru all the wonderful things U've created. Please let me deliver via SVD, without complication.. with healthy baby.
Please fogive all my sins..
To everyone i know - especially my husband, parents&perentsinlaw, adik beradik, my relatives & friends - Ampunkan dosa saya samada sengaja atau tidak..doakan semua selamat dan lancar ok..Amin.

actually ingat nk story bout my 1st trimester kt entry jd cerite lain pulak.
it's ok..i will do it on next entry soon.
till then... ~xoxo~

ANC @ 34 weeks

Sunday, 13 November 2011


As promised, i nak share bout early pregnancy hx - which is ade la sket problem here and there yg sebenarnye quite common for a primid (1st time mother to be). I took it as part of dugaan Allah and keep in mind to stay positive and tawaqal..
Just to remind u, this will be a long entry..

So, me and Anwar officially and finally married (after 8 years on-off relationship) on 18th February 2011.
Me always have regular menses since menarche.. (ini penting yer sbb u need to know when is your 1st day of last period - LMP to estimate due date -EDD).. and so easy to remember of my LMP coz mase tuh tgh bersanding kat rumah pihak lelaki. Which is on 20th Feb 2011.

Nikah : 18th Feb 2011
LMP : 20th Feb 2011

Then pergi so called honeymoon ( free package, courtesy from Anwar's side caterer) and time flies untill i finally noted by 2nd week of March, i x dtg period lagi. Me actually very alert with my period date.
So time tu dlm hati dah mcm - hmmm..nak buat UPT ke tak eh..? nwar also perasan.
Since we both are medical person, this kind of thing mmg dah jd mcm common sense to notice. cume mcm xnak la excited sgt kan..nanti takde pape frust plak.
Maka, we just let it be and decide to do the UPT on 28th March 2011 ( Ibu's birthday) as konon2 if positive, bleh jd mcm surprise news for her la.. padahal me n nwar mcm 70-80% sure je bende tu akan +ve..kekeke
And this is the result

on 28th March 2011

Saturday, 12 November 2011

@ 38 weeks

Hi all..
saya sangat gembira hari ini.. heehee
1st - coz it's friday.(oh, actually dah sabtu pon) esok x yah kerja + ade kenduri (wafi's aqiqah)
2nd - dpt good news from pkd yg all my backdated (not all but most of it) akan di bank-in by end of this month
3rd - baby-cot dah sampai n siap dipasang tadi! yippiee!

it's Tutti Bambini;s baby cot we bought from bebehaus

Anyway, this actually our 2nd baby stuff yg tibe kat our house kt melaka ni.. sbb tu la rase happy..if not rase mcm tak prepare ape2 je..coz most of the barang2 kat rumah ibu in Klang..
And just to share,  our very 1st baby stuff that me n nwar bought was actually- books
Accidently but purposely bought time maybank rewards fair kat Mid Valley
Harap2 rajin dan cerdik laa anak aku nanti.. InsyaAllah..

I tak balik KL lagi hari ni coz mr hubby ade locum OT pagi esok.. he said only 2 cases - both ILN.
Hopefully, everything settle asap n kite org dpt pergi Wafi's Aqiqah kat shah alam in time.. Jgn la specialist die nak buat lawak kambing mcm last time ( simple plating case turn out to be complicated ILN ! i wonder anaest kt GH melaka ni baik sangat eh layan such crap )
Wafi a.k.a achen is actually my cousin's son.. very close kezen sampai anak die ni panggil i "baby"! hehehe 
(coz that's wut i taught to this 23months lil boy :p ).
maybe i'll review bout the majlis soon..- after i do my early pregnancy post, of course.

Till then.. xoxo

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Pregnancy @ 37weeks

Hi there..
This time I nk story about my pregnancy

Update : 27years old Malay woman, G1P0 @ 37weeks + 5 days Poa (EDD: 26/11/2011)
Anc : uncomplicated
Latest Hb : 12.0, Bp : 110/60, Ur protein/albumin : Nil, FHR: 138b/min

Ok, in simple non medical term it means I skarang mengandung anak pertama dgn usia kandungan 37minggu++.. Dah cukup bulan, kandungan dah term/matang a.k.a tunggu mase je nk deliver.
Well, seriously me still psychologically & mentally unprepare for that yet. I just don't want to think about it coz it scares me to death imagining myself in labour..hihi
Now I'm talking like I'm not a medical personal rite? Nak buat mcm mane..this is what I feel.
I just wish that I will deliver after 18th coz time tu I dah start cuti..n kalau larat I nk merayap kt mid valley to see baby fair - to complete wutever not. :p ( Dlm hati : mesti larat punye).then lepas tu I dpt sign & symptom of labour - yg x sakit, of course!
Get admitted to hosp with Os around 6cm - so that I x kalut2 n still got time to relax2 sket n prepare myself...then proceed with fast n easy labour!
Ya Allah, tunaikan lah doa hambamu ini..
I think most woman wish the same as x salah rasenye to wish for good things to happen..nothing's impossible with Allah's will..insyaallah..
Ok la, that's all for now.
Maybe I'll share bout my lil bit prob/issue mase early pregnancy hr tu on next post. Mane tahu bleh help answering common questions..
Till then ^_^

This is me at about 3-4weeks Poa ..

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Salam...Hello and Hi!

Salam all.. welcome to my blog. =)
This is my 1st time blogging and seriously i'm not the one who good with words.  Let me introduce just a little bit about myself ok..
My full name is Suria binti Ismail, currently 26y.o and 37 weeks heavily pregnant. Married to a very humble man i ever known - Khairil Anwar bin Ahmad Hanif.
We've been together since university life in Moscow, Russia and just married on February 2011.
Oh, anyway "18" is our fav number as it represents our birth date & solemnization day..heeee
I think that's enough for an introduction.. 
Just to answer to my own question ( which im sure i will ask myself soon or later) - me blogging bcoz :
1st - simple reminder / non-personal diary of myself .
2nd - my EDD will be very soon.. i hope blogging can keep me company during my confinement day.
3rd -just to share something with anyone/someone who cares .. hehheee

Ok la, till then. ^-^ .

                                        This is us 9 months ago...