Monday, 23 July 2012

Ahmad Aidil belated 7 month old

I owe Aidil's 7 month update.
Moving from Melaka to Selangor..settle down with new environment..etc..
So, i'm being posted at Klinik Kesihatan Bandar Botanic in Bukit Tinggi Klang.
Its situated just next to AEON Bukit Tinggi. seriously next to shopping complex - what a dream place! haha

Back to my dearly son, he turn to 7 month few weeks back.
Update :
 - still having 2 teeths with endless drooling of saliva. people said there's must something i didnt get to eat
   during pregnant..hmm , well i just think thats normal for infant.
 - love to explore. touching things are just not that adventurous to him. He must taste it.
 - expert crawler and able to stand + walking ( more like jumping and running to me) with help.
 - tolerating solid feeding well.. poor him, mama able to prepare homemade food for 2 weeks jer..after that
   till now he's on ready made organic baby food. Its ok darling, i will cook for u back once everything settle.
- person anxiety...hmm.. not that obvious. sometimes yes. most of the time, he kinda friendly.

Oh, i enroll him to a fitness/gym class for babies. hahaha
Mama always want him to make friends at his age since being the 1st cucu for both parents side is not really helping. Anyway, he fit well in that class even tho he's the youngest. Too bad that mama is the one who really need a fitness class to accompany him every week. =p

i'm 7 month old today mama, im ready to bite!

happy face with butterfly on his forehead.

Thats all for now.. ~love~

Sunday, 22 July 2012

bYe ByE Melaka.. dasvidaniya!

As always, i hardly find good time for blogging.
For most people - my friends, family already knew that i'm no longer working/staying in Melaka.
27th June 2012 was my last day working in Klinik Kesihatan Klebang Besar.
To my suprise, they did a farewell party for me and another 3 staffs that also moving out from this KK.
Sitting on the chair, listening to my YM speech, remind me to the 1st day i stand on that land.. it was April 25th 2011, and i was 2-3months pregnant!
I could'nt describe how i really feel.. I'm happy to go back to Selangor - as thats my hometown, all my family, shopping complexes are there.. but i also kind of sad leaving this place.
Hate thinking about sad things ( we use more energy and muscles to frown compare to smiling) , life must go on. no such thing like jack & rose - u jump, i jump in this case.
Thank you so much to everyone in Melaka for being part of my good memories.
Here are some pics that i would like to share..

Till then, Paka!