Monday, 1 January 2001

About mama @ me

Salam.. Lama x update blog. Since my pregnancy already term - i'm currently a heavy 38 week pregnant lady, let me do a little update about me.. Hehehe

1) Skarang dah officially on maternity leave (day 4) .. Yeahh!!
Tp still menjalankan tugas sbg supir kpd my 1st son - Ahmad..

2) My last antenatal c/up with Dr Siti was on ?july/august.. Hehehe yg lain c/up sendiri due to personal reason @ malas. Kali ni makan vitamin pon malas..

3) I am no longer a gov servant since March 2014. Alhamdulillah now operating my own GP clinic since May.. Honestly, it was not an easy decision for me to make prior opening this GP which I have to leave my ud48 status ( gaji best sikit dr ud44) , my fms master prog..etc but seriously, i have no regret. My priority is my family. Means, i wish my husband jd ortho surgeon cepat, beranak byk2 while im still young and fresh and raise them the way we wanted them to be.. ( that is sgt mencabar) then maybe after that i continue my study or wutever..

4) i (myself) still no final decision on my very soon to be delivery mode. Husband wants trial of scar, o&g consultant plak suggest for Elective lscs.. Me = my wish is whatever it is pls make it after ahmad bday party at his playschool - which is today / thursday Oct 23rd.

5) i'm doing a small early bday party for Ahmad at his playschool.. Yeah, he was born 1st Muharram 1433H, so sabtu ni he is 3yo mengikut kalendar Islam. Kalau kalender masihi it will be during my confinement period.. So no bday party like previous years la kali ni..

6) i already change my mind regarding doing majlis kenduri aqiqah/cukur jambul at day 7 of life for my second child. Dulu buat kat ahmad masa day 7 ni, i cant help much.. InsyaAllah, kalau ade rezeki, aqiqah still will be done at day 7 , along with cukur jambul but the kenduri akan dibuat after my pantang period, at out own house..
Hehehe so i hope i am stress free masa pantang and byk masa nak fikir about the kenduri.. Harap2 kali ni berjaya breastfeeding so badan pon kembali slim cepat.. Heeee..

7) For my 2nd pregnancy ni, preparation utk bersalin almost 95%. Done with baby stuff - nenek byk sediakan mcm biasa so i just add on here and there. X byk sgt to prepare pon since ahmad's stuff byk yg boleh guna lg. Hospital bag pon dah ready.. Yg x ready is just me kot.. Hahahaha takut ok.

I think thats all about me for now.
Kalau rajin i"ll blog about revised version of baby checklist/hospital bag esp for 2nd pregnancy. Kalau rajin la.. N x bersalin lg.. Pls doa for me a safe delivery, no painful (sgt2 wish) and no complication..

Kali ni xde gambar.

Till then, xoxo!

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