Friday, 15 November 2013

Let's start it all over again!

waaduh2.. sungguh berhabuk

salam all..ehh salam my dear blog.
tuan rumah balik ni..

So , time flies so fast..
Briefly, me and husband almost 6 month in master programme now. So i can say thats the main reason for me being so bz..besides other things too.
Anwar is continuing his study for his dream to become an Orthopaedic surgeon..
His part 1 exam will be at the end of this month by the way.
Doa for his luck please..
And me, also further my study to be come a FMS (family medcine specialist).. heehee i'm so a family woman, indeed! Wish me luck.

Mr little Ahmad?
hmmm my cheecky little boy is not so little anymore
He is going to be 2 yo really soon.
i'm happy of course.. with his progress and all.. but somehow realizing that he is growing so fast make me nervous.. yup.. such a drama queen mama, i am.

This year my big family blessed with so many newbornssss.. !
let me recall.. hhmmm.. bleh ingat Syafi's in january, Harith's in September, Nufayl - just few days born.
Alhamdulillah.. more umat Nabi Muhammad SAW.
Just have to prepare extra duit raya for next year..pheewwww hehehe

There's nothing new with our home sweet home since the last year Ahmad's 1st birthday party.
This year, we are going to celebrate it at other place instead.
InsyaAllah will update about it.

Went to this studio photoshot recently..

Dr McMama

till then xoxo

Friday, 19 April 2013

Working trip sangat..

Testing blogging using blogpress.
Speaking about working trip., its not as fancy as it sound. Its not a nice luxury trip like others usually had when going for working trip. Mine is more like a visit. Routine medical visit to some rural area.
This is my first time going to pulau ketam. I dont think its that rural but it is a pulau. So i need to get on ferry to go there.
Parking fee : rm3
Return ferry tickets : rm 14
This is the ticket counter

Hehe.. Old school sgt. I was sitting at the same bench with the counter lady.
This is the jetty n ferry

- chinese kung fu ? Cerite hantu movie was on tv.. Great!

Free sitting.. Berhayun quite strong for someone who used with small diving boat. So not recommended for those yg mabuk laut.

Oh, i took the 9.30am departure n the service is on time.
Arrived the pulau after 30minutes boat ride.

This is the pulau ketam jetty

Its either u walk or cycling.. I bet people here are much healthier than ppl in town.

The main lane from jetty to the houses area, shops, restaurants n clinic.

Thats the clinic. I kind of like it here especially for friday blues~
Too peaceful.
My mom once told me that my grandparents used to come here when she was young. I dont know whether she herself ever been here or not but am very sure non of cousins did.
So enjoy the pics!

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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

11.... 12...Ahmad is already 15 month!

Hehehe long silent as always.
In fact, he's soon to be 16month by next week. cepatnyeee besar!
Lots of progress.. from crawling-walking- now even running!
Mama? hehe still having menses regularly every month. Best part, now i finally can wear back my size 27 skinny jeans..hooreeyy! without diet or gym or slimming plan. flabby tummy? still there anyway. Nwar said im still sexy thou (hahahha!) so me = happy!

@11 month
- started to stand with support
- prefer to eat semi-solid food : cerelac fruits flavour is one of his favourite..kfc mashed potato also will do.
- babbling alot. Calling "ma.." and "pa.." clearer.
- Papa, Atok and Jaddi are still his most favorite persons.

@12 month
- still standing with support. Cruising everywhere. Sometimes brave enough not to hold anything but still not working.
- love to show-off his ability to stand without help in fornt of his mama Dada. (its funny coz his not doing this infront of anyone else)
- we celebrated his 1 st birthday twice! ( 1st during the Awal Muharram, then during the house warming)
- at this time foodwise, he was more interested to our-adult food rather his own.
- Gigi : still 4. hehehe

@13 month
- Ahmad took his 1st step!!
- eat almost everything that we-adult people eat. Not the spicy one of course.

@14 month
- happy toddler running around like nobody business.
- had his 1st flight experience to Kota Kinabalu for family trip
- refuse to eat baby food now. Prefer normal rice but mashed potato still acceptable. and..french fries. duh! there goes my "healthy diet" plan for him.

@15 month
Turn through the pages of a book by flipping many pages at a time. He could understand when i ask him to take his book and read. 
- He'll take 2-3 books and ?reading at the same time. hmm whose method? must be either mama or papa exam-study skill.
- Have a pincer grasp
- Sleep 8 - 10 hours a night and take one to two naps
- Can say mamma, papa, "awok", "ennekk", 'peppeyy", "daahhh" - for jaddah, "dii" - for jaddi.
- Understands simple commands
- Tries to imitate animal sounds : excited with cats and birds rather than fishes.
- May develop attachment to a toy or object : the white cat teddy & greeny froggy.
- Experiences separation anxiety and may cling to parents : most of the time over his papa. he is so papa's son!
- May make brief journeys away from parents to explore in familiar setting : cant blame him much.

So now enjoy some of his bday celeb pics..i'll upload the rest of it in my fb later. pinky promise.

Till then, paka~

Monday, 21 January 2013

Teaser : Ahmad's 1st Birthday Party

Venue : Home sweet Home, Shah Alam
Theme : Madagascar 'ShahAlam' Most Wanted


Salam again..

haaa up grade post everyweek terus! heee actualy i draft this post while doing my Friday-lunchcall/standby now. No patient = me boring ( untill the "Tan Sri" patient suddenly turn up with whatever reason..ergghh..i hate protocol)
Look at my pictures folders ( i bring my notebook today since blogging with Ipad is so stressful. - another reason why i rarely blogging) i found that i did snap lots of Ahmad's food pics.

Bring back the old memories..when my boy was 6 months old. I was so excited for his weaning process.
I did lots of researches - read mommies blogs, books, magazine etc.. just to know what is the best 1st food, what's the cutest bibs, the most up to date baby's feeding set, etc..
Im so into those kind of things.
U know.. most of young mothers are kiasu like me. Of course we all want the best for child. So, have to work for it lah.

At first, i was a bit afraid if my son is not the solid-feeding type of child.Maybe he's a picky eater? My mom told me that i was like that before. I prefer milk rather than rice or whatever solids. Therefore if u look at my childhood pics, i was so buncit! hehehe but i think that is cute when u are a child. Now..oooo no-no-no Not Cute!
Then when i look at the price for weaning process gear..hmmm.. quite pricey. ( its actually depends to what brand that u look for). So, i started with simple preparation :

1st - bought this silicone cubes at baby expo in Midvalley at about rm 11-12 each. Cant really remember.
2nd - use my never use Philips blender which was presented to us during our wedding day. We got 2 sets of same blender. ( tQ)

Pear & Avocado puree - warna sangatla tak menarik
i think this is carrot puree.. tak ingat dah.
frozen puree.. at first we only 1 -2 cubes each feeding time.

Ahmad seems to enjoy the new taste.
Alhamdulillah.. since then slowly we upgrade whis menu.
Now he eats almost whatever that we adults are eating. Of course not the spicy one la kan.
It just that i dont have kitchen --> my own kitchen just yet to prepare or try new recipes for him.. Most of the time his nenek already cook for him.
Hmmm nenek also another story. Everything/anything for his only grandson ( for now la..hahaha more to come insyaAllah..) . Her concern is even worse than me..semua nak fresh la.. dushx3!
My dad always setia to layan her.. they go to Sg Buloh quite often nowadays..beli sayur pon nak kat tempat grand2..haishhh.. (maybe we should plant our own sayur later)

Untill i have more times to share some of the recipes i've tried, here is anotther one of my own "air tangan" for this little prince. Enjoy the pics!

steam fish porridge..yg ni no need to ask recipe la kan..
courtesy from Nenek who secretly bought this thing which i presonally dont think necessary. tQ anyway.

i love this blender-steamer. really easy to use/wash with nice design.   but i think its a bit pricey . some other brands also as good as  this one i suppose.

this is what we call "pengorbanan" ok Ahmad... mama tua nanti, cook for me. hahaha!


Friday, 18 January 2013

Home of Our Own

Yes i know i have a blog and its been almost 3 months of no new post.
My cliche answer as always - too busy. hehe but seriously!
Pardon me for that. I will try my best this year.

Oh, its not too late to wish Happy 2013 to everyone who happens to read this barely existed blog or anyone who knows me. Wish u all the best and hope we all be a better khalifah each and everyday.

Talking about home of our own, we are officially living in it since December 1st 2012 - right after Ahmad 1st  Birthday party ( which was done there - i'll blog about it later **pray** ). Yeahhh!!

Sounds great right? hahaha but i tell u, the process of moving in/out is hell! ;p
Obviously that is just what i feel. I dont know anyone who really enjoy packing-unpacking-moving stuff into the lorry- to the house - blablabla.. the never ending tiring process.
But im sure there are some people who just love this kind of thing - u guys are really superb!
Well, im just not that kind of person. During the whole process i wish im Aladdin with the genie so that i can just ask the genie to settle everything for me ( even do my blog hahha!)  and sometimes most of the time i want to be just like Nicole Kidman  in Bewithched - snap my finger ( + having pretty face with perfect shape) and taraaaaa! everything's done. Hmm.. bestnyeee... Berangan!

Back to reality, have to do everything myself lor.. Of course our family helps us more than they should. We are so blessed to have them.
For the house itself, small renovation and touch up has been done here and there -and it was sponsored by my parents.. ( people say rezeki yg dtg jangan ditolak)
Current we are doing the kitchen project. Little by little progress we big budget. Our own budget this time. Anyone nak sadaqah $$, u are more than welcome!  :p

I make my own checklist for moving into new house. Love to have checklist so that im clear with my plans especially when it comes to decide whether it just a wish or a need. - that is hard, really! hehehe
Maybe later i share the checklist. No softcopy yet.

For now, here are some pics taken while pre-moving-in renovation. No time to snap the kitchen just yet as my lovely hubby alternately have on-calls and locum nowadays. So we reach our home only at almost midnight everytime he got locum or me and Ahmad just stay at my parent's when he's oncall. Even busier than me. Pity him.

Till then, paka!

Loading our not so many harta in Melaka

Pokok pon angkut bawak balik
Frontyard reno..sebuk jer cadar org sebelah tu. how to sleep with cadar berdebu?? haishh
My backyard reno - must have "green area". compulsory by me.
Our Home