Saturday, 28 January 2012

2 Months old!

Pejam-celik tibe2 my prince dah 2 bulan!
He is growing well , Alhamdulillah.. becoming cleverer everyday =)
So, for the 1st time me & nwar brought him to paeds clinic for his 2 month jab (DTP).
Most paeds clinic are still celebrating CNY so we randomly went to any clinic that open for his vaccination.
(since u know, Aidil's father insist to bring his child for vac himself before go back to Melaka)
Luckyly jumpe Chye Child Specialist Clinic kat Taipan USJ.
Dr is so friendly and soft ( no wonder Aidil say hi & smile to him - by his own way, of course) but camera unfriendly =p ( biase la, doctor2 berumur ni penyegan sket).
He's a consultant in Sunway medical center at daytime and in his clinic open after 6pm everyday.
So, Aidil latest update is 
Weight : 5.8 kg (above 5th percentile)
Length : 60cm ( above 5th percentile)
Head circumference : 39cm 

Conclusion : He's a bit big but not fat as we can see. Thus, he's normal & healthy baby boy! =) mama happy!

muke macho b4 kene inject..hehe pastu jerit, nangis2 ngadu sakit =p
(oh, baju tu hadiah from Adib&Sya , and that orange lion watch is from makde@ayu - Tq! )

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