Thursday, 7 June 2012

Wedding Bells

Its really been a wedding year to my family this year when 3 of cousins decided to get married.
Oh, yup there's another one coming by end of this year, insyaAllah..
Here the list :
1) March 31st : Aliff & Intan solemnization @ PJ ( unable to attend due to oncall)
2) April 7th : Aliff & Intan reception @ KRU. (datang sekejap sgt coz rush to putrajaya for Ayah )
3) May 5th : Adib & Sya solemnization @ Bkt Gambir.
4) May 12th : Adib & Sya reception @ Shah Alam
5) May 27th : Izhar & Marini solemnization @ Kuantan
6) June 2nd : Izhar & Marini reception @ KRU (unable to attend coz went to another wedding from Anwar's family side @ JB)

So, Aliff, Adib & Izhar are my handsome cousins from ibu side.
Alhamdulillah and congratulation to these 3 couples.
Good Luck to incoming one! ( Ayun, u r next remember! )

Mari tengok gambar! ( sorry Aliff, ur wedding pics kat another camera, which is with sufi right now. K ya upload later k )

Wajah-wajah cuak Adib & Sya

3 toll kene..hahaha baru Johorian! 
reception @ Shah Alam
Izhar & Marini Solemnization
Reception in Kuantan
Reception @ KRU
Till then, Paka! :)

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