Sunday, 22 July 2012

bYe ByE Melaka.. dasvidaniya!

As always, i hardly find good time for blogging.
For most people - my friends, family already knew that i'm no longer working/staying in Melaka.
27th June 2012 was my last day working in Klinik Kesihatan Klebang Besar.
To my suprise, they did a farewell party for me and another 3 staffs that also moving out from this KK.
Sitting on the chair, listening to my YM speech, remind me to the 1st day i stand on that land.. it was April 25th 2011, and i was 2-3months pregnant!
I could'nt describe how i really feel.. I'm happy to go back to Selangor - as thats my hometown, all my family, shopping complexes are there.. but i also kind of sad leaving this place.
Hate thinking about sad things ( we use more energy and muscles to frown compare to smiling) , life must go on. no such thing like jack & rose - u jump, i jump in this case.
Thank you so much to everyone in Melaka for being part of my good memories.
Here are some pics that i would like to share..

Till then, Paka!

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