Monday, 12 March 2012

Aidil is 3 months old!

Aidil's actually turn to 3m old about 3 weeks ago and i just realize that i didnt write any post about it yet.
Forgetful me.. anak baru sorang. My head is too messy with everything.
Hopefully it will get better soon enough.

One thing that makes me really happy today till i cant stand another day to postpone this post is because,
finally, Ahmad Aidil able to get on his tummy today!!  \\^0^//
This happened at Kg. Ketapang, Pekan,Pahang - Aidil's Tok Mi & Tok Lid ( Anwar's ayah side-grandparents house)

too bad sempat snap pic jer..x sempat nak rakam video
I now its not a big deal ( to some people) but i was very happy.. and me just being a drama queen mama didnt know how to react to this progress.
hehe but then i decided to clap my hand like i just wont 1million dollar jackpot. =p
He's been trying to do this since few days back but, u know,  my family just couldnt leave him unhold for long.
Thus his effort usually left halfway.
This is his 1st time in Pekan, 1st time for my parents and mak long too - as they also came along with us.

This weekend is actually a hard decision to make for me and Anwar.
We have a very best friend of mine wedding in Kulim  and a kenduri of Anwar's relative who helps us a lot during our wedding till Aidil's 2nd Aqiqah ceremony in Kuantan.
At last we decided to go to Kuantan coz 1st, family is always 1 step more important for both of us, 2nd - Anwar is going to have a course in Perlis by end of this month, so we shall visit our best friend that time.

Speaking of Aidil's 2nd aqiqah ceremony, i think i'm going to write about it in my next post - soon, hopefully!

Till then, xoxo!

p/s : Congratulation to my best friend Nurul Hidayah Ishak & husband! i really wish i could be there..

pic credit to Fauziah Ahmad FB

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