Thursday, 8 March 2012

the Ombak Rindu Family Trip

Hahaha title tak hagak..
Akhirnya sampai jugak seru nak update blog yg bersawang ni..

Well, we went for a short family trip during CNY holiday to Kelantan-Terengganu.
Its actually a long-time postponed trip that has been plan since i was 6months pregnant!
My ibu was the trip leader ( as always.. ) and the main reason we all wanted to go to the east coast of Malaysia is for FOOD!
Yeah.. we all loveeee pantai-timur food. the nasi kerabu..ayam percik..tomyam..nasi sup..etc.. yum yum

So this trip includes 3 families - Keluarga kak Sal ( my ibu =p ), keluarga Mak J & keluarga kak Leha (hehe thats our mak long) with 4 cars - yes we went by cars with lots of pitstops

Peserta rombongan :
  1st car : Papa, Ibu, Sufi & Ahmad ( duduk dgn nenek hokesss..sabo je la)
  2nd car : Kahar, Bda, Pak Tam, Wafi
  3rd car : Qayyum, Faisha, K.Ida
  4th car : Nwar, Me, Mak long & Mak Tam
We make collection for hotels/apartment and meals (rm25 per head per day - sgt berbaloi and murah okes! ) - hehe kate rombongan cik kiah..

penumpang kereta no4 - layanan 1st class
Journey started at dawn (3am..zzzz) on Sunday coz papa plans to have Subuh prayer at R&R Sg Perak then breakfast at Kuala Kangsar ( kampung area ) so that our journey thru Grik hopefully will be easier.
Kat Kuala Kangsar Tol, we met Kak ida's family ( she came with Faisha and Qayyum) after that eyeing any local stall along the road yg nampak syok for breakfast.

Oh, Ahmad was doing sooo good all the time.. he slept soundly in his scout ( finally my husband got the idea why i wanted to buy that scout - he said it worth the money we spent sbb anak die tido lena..hehe) then woke up happily time kite org breakfast. Wut a good handsome boy he was! =)

Then we continue our journey to Kelantan. arived there around 12noon.
Our 1st pitstop was a ayam percik stall - which cik ka dok merengek dr shah alam nak ayam percik =p

hot from oven .. sanggup tu tunggu demi ayam percik

aku yg nyaris2 nak sergah pengantin yg dtg lambat..haishhh

pengantin yg berarak nak dekat kul 4 ptg.. semoga berkekalan ke akhir hayat.

wajah2 aku je ke kt meja lauk ni? hehehe

Oh, actually there's a wedding (papa's staff) that we hv to attend @ Pasir Mas area.
Jadi, we had our free lunch at the wedding.. Then checked -in to our apartment @ Kota Baru area.
Alaaa.. ni yg boring update lambat2 ni.. lupe dah name apartment tu. tp it situated betul2 depan masjid kt tgh2 KB tu. 
Wutever.. but its very convinient for a big family vacation - ada kitchen, 2 rooms + 1 big hall, good location.

rajinnyeee mok chu sufi.. hehe ni je gambar dlm apartment tu yg bisa dikongsi..yg lain sensored.
I seriously couldnt recall every single thing we had/ did but all i can say, it was a great vacation.
I always love a big family holiday.. love the merriness!
It just sometimes impossible to gather all of us as a family at the same time, same place.
Hopefully next time, may Allah bless us with more rezeki so that we could plan another cool family trip ~,*

So, the ombak rindu part was actually on our way back to KL.
We slept over at Kuala Terengganu for a night, thus sempat laa buat little window shopping at pasar payang and feast our tummy with the local seafood stall.

Ahmad had his 1st swimming pool splash at the hotel as well!
we went betul2 at noon dgn harapan air pool tu tak la sejuk sgt kan..hehe pity him.
We just want him to get used with his parents one of many fav things to do.. =p
He survived anyway..- for less than 5 minute ( at least we/he tried hehe )

wif his best travel partner.. abg wafi!

muke x puas hati hehe
Till my next post, love!

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