Wednesday, 10 October 2012

8, 9 & 10 !

yup.. Ahmad is 10 months old now.
Indeed, im too busy and lazy to update.
Anyway, mama is trying her best now, as always.

1) Physical : nothing much changed physically, as we can see - he just has another tooth to complete a set of
                    6 ( 4 at upper gum, 2 below).
2) Motor skills :  He's a pro crawler, good cruiser and i caught him trying to stand still without support  for
                          about 3-5 secs sometimes.
                         Oh, now he finally able to hold his own bottle while feeding. Finally!
3) Evolving language : he seems to respond to simple verbal request like " who is Ahmad Aidil? pick up your
                                  hand! " - he'll put up his hand (right hand usually).
                                  He able to wave goodbye.
                                  Ahmad is now talking ( baby language) a lot too.. He says "papa", "maa", "bababaii"
                                   " apetempetem -?? "
4) Social development - i can say he's a really friendly little boy. Love making friends & play with them.
5) Feeding : tolerate most semi-solid food well so far, thou he has his fav dish - mainly anything with cheese.
                   Mama did a lot of baby-home-cooking lately too.. =)

Hmm ape lagi? i think that's all for now about little Ahmad.
A little update about us : Anwar is coming back to work in Selangor very soon. Alhamdulillah..
This also means we have to get our house ready to move in..ergghh ..i hate packing!

Enjoy some pics of Ahmad.
Till then, Paka!

8m : 1st hair cut since day 7 of life cukur jambul
9m @ ASZ family day in Cherating

9m : 1st touch to seawater
10 months old baby boy in a basket

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