Friday, 18 January 2013

Home of Our Own

Yes i know i have a blog and its been almost 3 months of no new post.
My cliche answer as always - too busy. hehe but seriously!
Pardon me for that. I will try my best this year.

Oh, its not too late to wish Happy 2013 to everyone who happens to read this barely existed blog or anyone who knows me. Wish u all the best and hope we all be a better khalifah each and everyday.

Talking about home of our own, we are officially living in it since December 1st 2012 - right after Ahmad 1st  Birthday party ( which was done there - i'll blog about it later **pray** ). Yeahhh!!

Sounds great right? hahaha but i tell u, the process of moving in/out is hell! ;p
Obviously that is just what i feel. I dont know anyone who really enjoy packing-unpacking-moving stuff into the lorry- to the house - blablabla.. the never ending tiring process.
But im sure there are some people who just love this kind of thing - u guys are really superb!
Well, im just not that kind of person. During the whole process i wish im Aladdin with the genie so that i can just ask the genie to settle everything for me ( even do my blog hahha!)  and sometimes most of the time i want to be just like Nicole Kidman  in Bewithched - snap my finger ( + having pretty face with perfect shape) and taraaaaa! everything's done. Hmm.. bestnyeee... Berangan!

Back to reality, have to do everything myself lor.. Of course our family helps us more than they should. We are so blessed to have them.
For the house itself, small renovation and touch up has been done here and there -and it was sponsored by my parents.. ( people say rezeki yg dtg jangan ditolak)
Current we are doing the kitchen project. Little by little progress we big budget. Our own budget this time. Anyone nak sadaqah $$, u are more than welcome!  :p

I make my own checklist for moving into new house. Love to have checklist so that im clear with my plans especially when it comes to decide whether it just a wish or a need. - that is hard, really! hehehe
Maybe later i share the checklist. No softcopy yet.

For now, here are some pics taken while pre-moving-in renovation. No time to snap the kitchen just yet as my lovely hubby alternately have on-calls and locum nowadays. So we reach our home only at almost midnight everytime he got locum or me and Ahmad just stay at my parent's when he's oncall. Even busier than me. Pity him.

Till then, paka!

Loading our not so many harta in Melaka

Pokok pon angkut bawak balik
Frontyard reno..sebuk jer cadar org sebelah tu. how to sleep with cadar berdebu?? haishh
My backyard reno - must have "green area". compulsory by me.
Our Home

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