Monday, 21 January 2013


Salam again..

haaa up grade post everyweek terus! heee actualy i draft this post while doing my Friday-lunchcall/standby now. No patient = me boring ( untill the "Tan Sri" patient suddenly turn up with whatever reason..ergghh..i hate protocol)
Look at my pictures folders ( i bring my notebook today since blogging with Ipad is so stressful. - another reason why i rarely blogging) i found that i did snap lots of Ahmad's food pics.

Bring back the old memories..when my boy was 6 months old. I was so excited for his weaning process.
I did lots of researches - read mommies blogs, books, magazine etc.. just to know what is the best 1st food, what's the cutest bibs, the most up to date baby's feeding set, etc..
Im so into those kind of things.
U know.. most of young mothers are kiasu like me. Of course we all want the best for child. So, have to work for it lah.

At first, i was a bit afraid if my son is not the solid-feeding type of child.Maybe he's a picky eater? My mom told me that i was like that before. I prefer milk rather than rice or whatever solids. Therefore if u look at my childhood pics, i was so buncit! hehehe but i think that is cute when u are a child. Now..oooo no-no-no Not Cute!
Then when i look at the price for weaning process gear..hmmm.. quite pricey. ( its actually depends to what brand that u look for). So, i started with simple preparation :

1st - bought this silicone cubes at baby expo in Midvalley at about rm 11-12 each. Cant really remember.
2nd - use my never use Philips blender which was presented to us during our wedding day. We got 2 sets of same blender. ( tQ)

Pear & Avocado puree - warna sangatla tak menarik
i think this is carrot puree.. tak ingat dah.
frozen puree.. at first we only 1 -2 cubes each feeding time.

Ahmad seems to enjoy the new taste.
Alhamdulillah.. since then slowly we upgrade whis menu.
Now he eats almost whatever that we adults are eating. Of course not the spicy one la kan.
It just that i dont have kitchen --> my own kitchen just yet to prepare or try new recipes for him.. Most of the time his nenek already cook for him.
Hmmm nenek also another story. Everything/anything for his only grandson ( for now la..hahaha more to come insyaAllah..) . Her concern is even worse than me..semua nak fresh la.. dushx3!
My dad always setia to layan her.. they go to Sg Buloh quite often nowadays..beli sayur pon nak kat tempat grand2..haishhh.. (maybe we should plant our own sayur later)

Untill i have more times to share some of the recipes i've tried, here is anotther one of my own "air tangan" for this little prince. Enjoy the pics!

steam fish porridge..yg ni no need to ask recipe la kan..
courtesy from Nenek who secretly bought this thing which i presonally dont think necessary. tQ anyway.

i love this blender-steamer. really easy to use/wash with nice design.   but i think its a bit pricey . some other brands also as good as  this one i suppose.

this is what we call "pengorbanan" ok Ahmad... mama tua nanti, cook for me. hahaha!



Nafisah Karim said...

x cakap pon ko ada blog...uhuhuhu...tapi ank aku mina tu x mkn makanan blend la...dia mkn bubur terus or yang tapis punya...kalau mesin terus dia xmo.. ;p
nanti senang visit my blog yer..

suria said...

Lama dh ade. Tp tak la progressively update. Ikut free time baru bleh blog. Ahmad ok jer mkn puree ni. Aku bg mase nak start solid jer dulu. Skarang semue die taram kot.