Friday, 19 April 2013

Working trip sangat..

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Speaking about working trip., its not as fancy as it sound. Its not a nice luxury trip like others usually had when going for working trip. Mine is more like a visit. Routine medical visit to some rural area.
This is my first time going to pulau ketam. I dont think its that rural but it is a pulau. So i need to get on ferry to go there.
Parking fee : rm3
Return ferry tickets : rm 14
This is the ticket counter

Hehe.. Old school sgt. I was sitting at the same bench with the counter lady.
This is the jetty n ferry

- chinese kung fu ? Cerite hantu movie was on tv.. Great!

Free sitting.. Berhayun quite strong for someone who used with small diving boat. So not recommended for those yg mabuk laut.

Oh, i took the 9.30am departure n the service is on time.
Arrived the pulau after 30minutes boat ride.

This is the pulau ketam jetty

Its either u walk or cycling.. I bet people here are much healthier than ppl in town.

The main lane from jetty to the houses area, shops, restaurants n clinic.

Thats the clinic. I kind of like it here especially for friday blues~
Too peaceful.
My mom once told me that my grandparents used to come here when she was young. I dont know whether she herself ever been here or not but am very sure non of cousins did.
So enjoy the pics!

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