Friday, 15 November 2013

Let's start it all over again!

waaduh2.. sungguh berhabuk

salam all..ehh salam my dear blog.
tuan rumah balik ni..

So , time flies so fast..
Briefly, me and husband almost 6 month in master programme now. So i can say thats the main reason for me being so bz..besides other things too.
Anwar is continuing his study for his dream to become an Orthopaedic surgeon..
His part 1 exam will be at the end of this month by the way.
Doa for his luck please..
And me, also further my study to be come a FMS (family medcine specialist).. heehee i'm so a family woman, indeed! Wish me luck.

Mr little Ahmad?
hmmm my cheecky little boy is not so little anymore
He is going to be 2 yo really soon.
i'm happy of course.. with his progress and all.. but somehow realizing that he is growing so fast make me nervous.. yup.. such a drama queen mama, i am.

This year my big family blessed with so many newbornssss.. !
let me recall.. hhmmm.. bleh ingat Syafi's in january, Harith's in September, Nufayl - just few days born.
Alhamdulillah.. more umat Nabi Muhammad SAW.
Just have to prepare extra duit raya for next year..pheewwww hehehe

There's nothing new with our home sweet home since the last year Ahmad's 1st birthday party.
This year, we are going to celebrate it at other place instead.
InsyaAllah will update about it.

Went to this studio photoshot recently..

Dr McMama

till then xoxo

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