Monday, 21 May 2012

~Monday blues~

It's always a hectic day for Monday coz the clinic where I work - for the time being, will be over loaded with patients..
Maybe later I could snap some pictures to show the situation.. Tp mcm freak-show la plak kan tetibe dr amik gambar org pagi2 ni. We'll see..
Jadi, whilst I'm waiting for pt to come in (there r procedures they hv to go thru prior entering doctor's room) , I nk blog something that make me happy n forget the blues for a while. Hehe

I did some cooking nowadays.. But I'm not a master in this field. I used to call someone for guardians

Recipe to share today is Gulai Labu.
Never eat this before until I got married. It is very simple recipe, taste very nice n loaded with nutritions too :)

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