Thursday, 24 May 2012

Kuih Bingka Ubi

Mode masak : ON ( hehe tipu!)
This was done by my mak long few weekends back.
Also another easy recipe coz if not, I'll definitely say - kite beli je laa mak long!

Ingredients :
1 Ubi kayu (about 200-300g)
- grind it n leave it until the starch n
water separated.
2 Gula Melaka x1 - make it syrup.
3 Santan kelapa (~800mls)
4 Wheat flour
5 pinch of salt

Method ( see pics below )
1) mixed the starch of tapioca with gula melaka ( Pic 1 )
2) steam it for about 15-20 minutes using my wedding gift steamer/ multipurpose stove. ( Pic 2 )
3) meantime ,mix few spoons of wheat flour into santan until it slightly thickened. ( Pic 3 )
4) put a pinch of salt
5) pour 3 on 2 then continue steaming for another 20-30minutes & it's done!

Let it cool dulu la kan before we serve.
See the last photo to see betapa sedapnye kuih ni. Hehe

Till then , xoxo.

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