Monday, 21 May 2012

Ahmad was 5 month, mama?

Hmm this is really my bad.
I think I got quite a few postpone post to write. I think I need to list it down coz I feel like I already lost my tract ;p
1)Aidil's 2nd Aqiqah
2)Aidil's 4 month milestone - forget it.
I think I shall continue with his
5months je.
3)wedding of my cousins

Ini je kot. Wutever la.

So, on last April 27th, Aidil has turn 5months old. A week before that (18th) was my 28th birthday. Yes, 28. I am that young, tq.

Let's proceed with lilttle guy progress :
- he could say "maaaa" !
- able to tolerate normal tap water temperature . Kalau x budak ni nk mandi heated water je.
- love to jump when we hold him.
- able to crawl on the 1st May! Hehee tp gear R.
- eyeing us eating n drooling like we r so mean not giving him food.
- had his 4months jab & rotavirus vaccination. He cried laa tp for a while only. We plan nk soh jab for pneumococcal terus tp x jd coz kesian. But next month sure kene jugak. Hehe
There r few more which, I just can't recall them now but nevermind.

As for me, my achievements so far .. I could say good. But can be improve later.
- I'm married n blessed with a son at this age.
- my time for work n family is well managed.
- I fail to exclusive breastfeed my son. Aidil had it for about 3-4weeks only. But still , I thanked Allah for that.
- wut else eh? Hmm oo yes, Anwar treated me with a very nice dinner at a exclusive restaurant here in Melaka.
- my parents gave me something cuter than my old nikon dslr which easier to carry in my handbag.
- I got myself a new handbag hehe :)

Hopefully I could get more free times to blog.
Till then , xoxo.

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