Wednesday, 28 December 2011

1 month old

Alhamdulillah..Ahmad Aidil is now 1 month old.
Got his 2nd Hep B jab at Paeds hosp in USJ ( x tahu hosp ape since his father yg bawak die pon x ingat! hmmm)
Brought him to diff hosp coz actual apt should be in SJMC on Tues but his father will not be here - back to work in Melaka. 
After searching - this is the only paeds hosp/ clinic yg bukak during public holiday.
Sorry coz i couldn't tell which hosp coz i myself pon xsure - all i know its in Taipan USJ.
Aidil is now
weight 4.7kg (between percentile 50 and 75) 
 lenght 57cm (between percentile 50 and 75) 

with his jaddah (nenek) @ Anwar's 27th  bday
-too sleepy to sing bday song for his father


Anwar said...

It's QHC specialist hospital in taipan..not bad since peads clinic open from 6 till 9 pm.

Ahmad mmg mcm tu kalau kenyang..hehe..tomey2

suria said...

ok..ingat pon.