Thursday, 29 December 2011

Confinement a.k.a Berpantang


I guess this is quite an issue to most woman nowadays.
I know some say that berpantang ni so outdated - doctor tak advice pon, etc, and some still religously on it.
For me, seriously i have no issue about it + no choice (LOL!)
My ibu said - if u nak stay with me after bersalin, u have to berpantang.
And i was like - wutever.. layan je. No harm pon. + i ate a lotttttttt during pregnant ( gain up to 25kg y'all!)
So this is another way for me to lose mr fatty tissue (hopefully)
Tapi mine way of berpantang tak la as strict as dulu2 time.. i like it anyway.
Everyday kene massage, kene tungku - mcm spa! love it ^_^ then pakai bengkung - which is just like corset.
Ibu bought me Set Bersalin Ibu Halimah ( its a gift from her workers actually ) and for me ( i have a very sensitive nose) set ni sgt2 ok. Tak busuk and complete - for me la coz mak bidan gune je semue brg2 tu.

As for food pulak, ade la few this and that yg my mom x bagi makan but i can drink as much as i wanted.
The only thing yg sikit2 make me dizzy is x bleh kluar rumah. hehehe suffocate sket.
But i can deal with it.
So my conclusion - pantang is not as bad as i thought before. Yeay!