Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy Birthday to Wafi!

I'm so happy today (ok yesterday actually) coz we did a small family gathering just to celebrate Wafi's 2nd birthday & enjoying ourselves watching Maharajalawak Mega - Finale. (congratulation to OsBon ^_^ )
Its like a routine for wafi to celebrate his birthday again here in my ibu's house just because of Me ! (last year sambut bday time family meeting for my wedding day
Big hugs & thanks to Bida & Kahar yg sudi fulfill my request..
Anyway, Rainbow cake tuh sgt sedap (tp aku on diet..hehe) - courtesy of Adib & Sya (from Smooch)
To Wafi (nanti dah besar bace blog ni k) aunty baby (ker mama baby best?) wish u
-Happy 2nd Birthday!
-Semoga ceria and bahagian sentiasa
- i will pray for your health and success in life also akhirat..InsyaAllah.
Love u!!

2 tahun

1 tahun (geramnyeee tgk pipi!)
Rainbow cake by Smooch
little present from us
Bye for now! *_~

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