Thursday, 15 December 2011

Delivering story

Salam ..
its been a while since my last post to this blog. Fuh..finally i got the answer for all the questions i used to ask myself - before deliver + sleepless night  --> wut happen to all mummy to be bloggers post partum?? why didn't they update their blog anymore?? ..hehehe now i know..

So remembering momments of delivering my little prince was priceless!

26th November 2011
@ 10am - still lying lazily on bed.. chit chatting with nwar (pujuk him to bring me to movie at noon =p )
@ 10.40am - felt wet on my panty..ingatkan i x sempat pi toilet punye wet but then rase mcm lain sket.
                     this was funny coz both of us mcm on denial state sket untill i wait for another 2-3 minutes n try
                     to move kiri-kanan n the leaking jd more obvious.
                     There was no pain at all tp my leaking tu bukan la mcm drama swasta yg mcm air
                     came out slowly n minimally.
@10.50am - inform my parents ( ibu tgh masak nasi lemak time tu..hehe nasib baik dah nak siap) then went
                    for shower. Still calm & relax coz not in pain. 

After shower, i ate nasik lemak ibu (suprisingly she managed to cook completely) and make sure my hosp bags are ready and complete. Lepak2 sket tenangkan fikiran then pukul 3.30pm baru pergi hospital.
Ok, kindly not to follow wut i did coz its not safe to wait too long after u have leaking/pecah ketuban. Please go to hosp ASAP.

@ 4pm - Arriving SJMC labour room with wheelchair..hehehe suruh nwar tolak me on chair coz takut jalan nanti air meleleh leleh plak..errkk

In Labour Room (all the drama started)
- tukar2 baju then buat CTG yg berjela-jela.
- i hate to be in labour room ( as a patient, of course!) so gave excuse nak jalan2 (padahal duduk kat waiting room outside LR with family member, borak2 sambil tgk tv) sampai la almost 7pm kot when Dr Siti datang to see me.. Lepas tu terus stay je kat dalam.
Oh, forget to tell that i puposely didnt go to any antenatal class just bcoz it scared me to death to realize that soon or later i have to be just like my patient while in O&G posting dulu.. sometime denial helps.. ^_^

Initially i was planning to deliver as natural as possible but somehow i just realize (while on labour room bed with os open 3cm) that i actually have a very very low pain threshold.
For me, VE ( most ppl call it kene seluk) is painful and it was hard for me to cooperate when anybody has to perform it ( i dont care how much experience u have).
Maka dengan itu, Nwar pon suggest me to take epidural which make me look at him n said
" I still ingat how epidural needle looks like! " hehehe but i have no choice, its either let them do VE and bear the pain or take epidural n pray. so I finally agreed for epid - tp i ask them to call the anaest lambat2 coz i x sakit. hahaha
@ 9.20pm, SN datang nak prepare me for epidural.. Ok, kene cucuk branula kaler hijau tu sakit tau!
@ 9.35pm - Dr Ling datang nak pasang epidural. Borak2 mcm n nwar kenal his friend, die pon
                    kenal our friend..bla3..
                  - Finally -> kene cucuk epidural tak sakit pon! i was very happy with my decision!

27th November 2011

@1am - Os 7cm with contraction 4-5:10 strong. CTG good, reactive.
@3am - Os fully dilated , Contraction was so frequent and i could feel the baby head pressing my pubic
              bone. it was painful even tho with epidural!
              I sempat ask nwar - dosa i byk sgt ke sampai sakit mcm ni?? (hehe..dramatis sungguh.)
              I took entonox few times and hate it till now.
@4++am - Os full, station high, i pon dah separuh sedated n no energy so -->> EMLSCS

@5.43am - i heard the most wonderful sound ever n it changed my life forever.
                   For all the pain and hardwork, it just more than worth it!

So totally i kene stay kat hospital for 4 days. Wound insoection at day 3..tuh yg jd lama tu. Kalau gov hosp. wound inspection at day 2 biasenye..takde beza sgt pon.
Alhamdulillah now bertambah sihat and i'm still learning to be a good mother.
Wish me luck! ~_^

Prepared 2 weeks prior EDD

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