Friday, 30 December 2011

Preparation of Little Prince

This post is just to remind me the joy of preparing stuff for my little one.
When i look back at these pics , i'm glad that i/we prepared at least 95-98% before the arrival of lil prince.
You dont really have much time after the baby's out, indeed. 
Coz if u do have some, u gonna spend it just starring at his/her adorable tiny face..hahaha
It's been 34days ( minus 1 day - out to hosp for wound inspection) me stuck inside my mom's house T_T
There still another 10 days??
 God knows how much i miss the fresh air outside ( include shopping malls smell.. *o*)

courtesy of atuk & nenek ( tq so much!)

bath/dressing set

swinging cradle for nenek house ( this is his 2nd bed, 3rd - is another cot  at Jaddah's home in USJ #_#)

my artwork when i couldnt sleep at night

papa tried his best to be a mechanic - how many hours did u take eh? haha

Seronok kan? For bakal mommy, wut ya waiting for??
Go shopping! end year sale skarang ni..( i'm so jealous! T_T )
Till then..xoxo


Juliet said...

Mana beli baby swing tu? Nak!

suria said...

kat mothercare. murah je
dlm rm 500++ ( not include mattress x silap). Go and get it!

Anwar aka papa said...

Papa take just 5mins to assemble the stroller ok. See the leg!