Thursday, 3 November 2011

Salam...Hello and Hi!

Salam all.. welcome to my blog. =)
This is my 1st time blogging and seriously i'm not the one who good with words.  Let me introduce just a little bit about myself ok..
My full name is Suria binti Ismail, currently 26y.o and 37 weeks heavily pregnant. Married to a very humble man i ever known - Khairil Anwar bin Ahmad Hanif.
We've been together since university life in Moscow, Russia and just married on February 2011.
Oh, anyway "18" is our fav number as it represents our birth date & solemnization day..heeee
I think that's enough for an introduction.. 
Just to answer to my own question ( which im sure i will ask myself soon or later) - me blogging bcoz :
1st - simple reminder / non-personal diary of myself .
2nd - my EDD will be very soon.. i hope blogging can keep me company during my confinement day.
3rd -just to share something with anyone/someone who cares .. hehheee

Ok la, till then. ^-^ .

                                        This is us 9 months ago...


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