Thursday, 10 November 2011

Pregnancy @ 37weeks

Hi there..
This time I nk story about my pregnancy

Update : 27years old Malay woman, G1P0 @ 37weeks + 5 days Poa (EDD: 26/11/2011)
Anc : uncomplicated
Latest Hb : 12.0, Bp : 110/60, Ur protein/albumin : Nil, FHR: 138b/min

Ok, in simple non medical term it means I skarang mengandung anak pertama dgn usia kandungan 37minggu++.. Dah cukup bulan, kandungan dah term/matang a.k.a tunggu mase je nk deliver.
Well, seriously me still psychologically & mentally unprepare for that yet. I just don't want to think about it coz it scares me to death imagining myself in labour..hihi
Now I'm talking like I'm not a medical personal rite? Nak buat mcm mane..this is what I feel.
I just wish that I will deliver after 18th coz time tu I dah start cuti..n kalau larat I nk merayap kt mid valley to see baby fair - to complete wutever not. :p ( Dlm hati : mesti larat punye).then lepas tu I dpt sign & symptom of labour - yg x sakit, of course!
Get admitted to hosp with Os around 6cm - so that I x kalut2 n still got time to relax2 sket n prepare myself...then proceed with fast n easy labour!
Ya Allah, tunaikan lah doa hambamu ini..
I think most woman wish the same as x salah rasenye to wish for good things to happen..nothing's impossible with Allah's will..insyaallah..
Ok la, that's all for now.
Maybe I'll share bout my lil bit prob/issue mase early pregnancy hr tu on next post. Mane tahu bleh help answering common questions..
Till then ^_^

This is me at about 3-4weeks Poa ..

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