Sunday, 13 November 2011


As promised, i nak share bout early pregnancy hx - which is ade la sket problem here and there yg sebenarnye quite common for a primid (1st time mother to be). I took it as part of dugaan Allah and keep in mind to stay positive and tawaqal..
Just to remind u, this will be a long entry..

So, me and Anwar officially and finally married (after 8 years on-off relationship) on 18th February 2011.
Me always have regular menses since menarche.. (ini penting yer sbb u need to know when is your 1st day of last period - LMP to estimate due date -EDD).. and so easy to remember of my LMP coz mase tuh tgh bersanding kat rumah pihak lelaki. Which is on 20th Feb 2011.

Nikah : 18th Feb 2011
LMP : 20th Feb 2011

Then pergi so called honeymoon ( free package, courtesy from Anwar's side caterer) and time flies untill i finally noted by 2nd week of March, i x dtg period lagi. Me actually very alert with my period date.
So time tu dlm hati dah mcm - hmmm..nak buat UPT ke tak eh..? nwar also perasan.
Since we both are medical person, this kind of thing mmg dah jd mcm common sense to notice. cume mcm xnak la excited sgt kan..nanti takde pape frust plak.
Maka, we just let it be and decide to do the UPT on 28th March 2011 ( Ibu's birthday) as konon2 if positive, bleh jd mcm surprise news for her la.. padahal me n nwar mcm 70-80% sure je bende tu akan +ve..kekeke
And this is the result

on 28th March 2011
Jadi malam tu ( we did the test betul2 @ 12 midnite on 28th tu) then inform la Puan Salmah aka my ibu yg mcm tak percaya anak die mengandung.. hehehe
Then nwar also inform his mak..and good news pon tersebar la dikalangan family..
After that, nwar scan me kat one of the clinic he used to do locum before just to see the miracle..
so my EDD : 26th November 2011
That's the happy news.. problem wise blom timbul lagi mase ni.. me xde alahan ape2 pon time ni.. selera mmg over dr azali..
I will continue this entry later.. tp for now, pengajaran/ lesson from this story ;
  1. Remember you 1st day of last period - just mark X kt calender or hp every month. tak kire la samada u dah kawin or not. 
  2. Inform your doctor if u have irregular menses.. - means if u jenis mcm sebulan 2-3 kali dtg period or, 2-3 bulan baru ade period. Jgn buat dunno je..treat b4 its too late k. 
  3. u can calculate your fertile day/ waktu subur utk increase chances of getting pregnant.. since we are living in IT world, just use this link.. fertile calendar
Till then.. Muuaah  =)

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