Saturday, 26 November 2011

My EDD & 1st Trimester

It's finally 26th of Nov - which is suppose to be my due date but here I am, on my bed at home, couldn't sleep as usual with no sign or symptom of labour - yet.
We'll see how it goes this whole day.. It's too early to predict anything now. Wutever it is let's leave it to qadaq n qadar.
So let us proceed with my 1st trimester history.
As we know , pregnancy ni divided into 3 stages/ trimester. So untuk 1st 3 months tu we call it - 1st trimester, follow w 2nd trimester ( bulan ke 4-6) then 3rd trimester (7-9month). Once kandungan reach 36weeks or 9 bulan, we call it "term" - means cukup bulan n selamat utk bersalin . Atau bile bersalin, baby u weight over 2.5kg - already dianggap matang walaupon time tu x reach 36weeks pon. So nanti paeds takde la kalut sgt pon nk sediekn incubator ke hape bile u beranak. Kecuali la u bersalin kt private hosp , which they always sumbat gak baby tu Dlm kotak tu coz they want to prevent any complication or unexpected event or kasi tambah sket bill korang. Hihi biase la tu.
So utk org yg high level of consciousness with high expectation and willing to spend ur $$$, u r most welcome to private hosp. Kalau tak, gov hosps are not a bad choice either. It just they don't entertain unnecessary request. But trust me, they r reliable.

So back to my 1st trimester hx, like all pregnant women out there, I pon kene alahan jugak. But it was not as bad to some unlucky preggers la.
Common symptoms like :

1) morning sickness - I got it. Especially time nk bangun tido n gosok gigi. Kepala sakit gile & follow w muntah. Lepas muntah biasenye ok dah tp ade gak few times x ok. Can't avoid it la kan.

2) pv spotting ( per vagina spot.)
- this is another prob jd kt I time around 4-8 weeks x silap. Scary la kan sbb it can be anything - tanda nk gugur bole, ectopic pregnancy ke .. Sape tahu kan. So we went to see obs specialist. 1st visit tu scan mmg nampak sac kt Dlm rahim tp time tu kn still early, so nk kate viable or not tu mcm 50/50. Maka, I kene 1 injection of progesterone - to relax muscle2 kt rahim tu n hopefully prevent gugur n to see the dr back in a week. So kene relax la 1 week tu - dpt mc ! Huhu
Unfortunately, bleeding I x stop2 pon even thou dah 2 kali appt n 2 kali kene inject (sakit la gak) . I kene keep on resting kt umah n cannot do this n that. Which was very boring! Sampai rase mcm give up je dgn pregnancy ni - felt like kalau nk gugur , gugur la cepat. Wut a bad me .. Hmm.. Tp lepas tu aunty I dok nasihat my ibu to try traditional way plak. Kt rumah nenek I kt Kg Raja Uda tu ade la bidan lama yg byk berjasa kt sana. So, we went to see her n she did nothing to me but mcm pegang2/ tekan sket kt area inguinal I tu. Sakit sekejap je ( I hv very low pain threshold) then ok. Die Kate urat I tegang kt area tu, not properly placed .
Alhamdulillah, since that day I dah xde bleeding lagi ! Hehe so science doesn't always have the solution rite!

3) symptom2 lain tu mcm
- teringin nk mkan something , ade la gak kadang2.
- emotionally unstable : hmmm :p x mengandung pon slalu je emo.
- low immune system - mmg pon, nk2 bile hari2 jumpe org demam/flu/sakit mate..errgghh.
- rest are quite ok je for me.

Actually, being pregnant ni very subjective . Hopefully jgn la ade yg anggap org pregnant ni mengade je lebih, etc. Dlm al-Quran pon ade tulis kan - mengandung menjadikan badan bertambah lemah ..
Tp this is not a way to make excuses also.. Jgn la bg alasan sengal jumpe doctor just for mc. Tak baik tau..

So , I'm done with my 1st trimester strory. Feel free to ask / share ur experience with me.

Till then.. muuaah!

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