Saturday, 12 November 2011

@ 38 weeks

Hi all..
saya sangat gembira hari ini.. heehee
1st - coz it's friday.(oh, actually dah sabtu pon) esok x yah kerja + ade kenduri (wafi's aqiqah)
2nd - dpt good news from pkd yg all my backdated (not all but most of it) akan di bank-in by end of this month
3rd - baby-cot dah sampai n siap dipasang tadi! yippiee!

it's Tutti Bambini;s baby cot we bought from bebehaus

Anyway, this actually our 2nd baby stuff yg tibe kat our house kt melaka ni.. sbb tu la rase happy..if not rase mcm tak prepare ape2 je..coz most of the barang2 kat rumah ibu in Klang..
And just to share,  our very 1st baby stuff that me n nwar bought was actually- books
Accidently but purposely bought time maybank rewards fair kat Mid Valley
Harap2 rajin dan cerdik laa anak aku nanti.. InsyaAllah..

I tak balik KL lagi hari ni coz mr hubby ade locum OT pagi esok.. he said only 2 cases - both ILN.
Hopefully, everything settle asap n kite org dpt pergi Wafi's Aqiqah kat shah alam in time.. Jgn la specialist die nak buat lawak kambing mcm last time ( simple plating case turn out to be complicated ILN ! i wonder anaest kt GH melaka ni baik sangat eh layan such crap )
Wafi a.k.a achen is actually my cousin's son.. very close kezen sampai anak die ni panggil i "baby"! hehehe 
(coz that's wut i taught to this 23months lil boy :p ).
maybe i'll review bout the majlis soon..- after i do my early pregnancy post, of course.

Till then.. xoxo

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