Sunday, 27 November 2011

2nd & 3rd Trimester

Salam Maal Hijrah...

Earlier this morning -26th nov , I said it's my due date n I was still on my bed at home.
Well, I'm still on bed right now - but in labour room, in labour for 14 hours now . Hehe
So let me blog about my 2nd trimester n 3rd trimester while i could.

2nd trimester ( bulan ke 4-6)
- gain weight like no one business
- I did MGTT at my KK tanpa paksaan
•result turn out normal :)
- still low immune status n emotionally
- love to watch masterchef Australia.
- started to do checklists.
- Alhamdulillah able to fast the whole
Ramadhan, tp terawih x dpt nak buat
- I love jalan2 n won't complain sakit
kaki or wutever but usually end up
mild ankle edema - which lasted for
few hours je ^_^
- sambut 1st raya at ibu's house in Klang n then went to PIL house in
Subang at around 11am. & I really
Love my pinky preggy kaftan raya.
- able to beraya to almost all sedare
mare houses kt Klang valley, Kuantan, Pekan, Penang & Kulim!
- oh not to forget, our memory kereta nwar mati right in da middle of bz road, in front of bazar Ramadhan yg jual2 baju raya tgh2 malam coz I drag him nk tgk jualan kt situ :p

So conclusion - I had wonderful 2nd trimester hx.

3rd trimester ( bulan ke 7-9)
- another bad hx when I had premature contraction during 30weeks of pregnancy ( Dlm 7bulan ++)
- 1st time pi GH Melaka - kene inject IM. Dexa utk matangkn paru2 baby yg sgt sakit to the max!
- patut kene admit but took AOR dc n x bg nwar inject 2nd dose of dexa.
- officially called as queen of AOR n defaulter by my own husband due to my refusal for any hosp admission.
- started to buy baby stuff sikit2.
- started to hv difficulty to sleep at night at around 8 month pregnant.
- weight gain xyah cakap la. N I actually buat 2nd MGTT mase 28weeks mcm tu - tp result 2hours after tu x leh nk pakai coz I cheated. Huhu. But my fasting sugar was normal still.
- semua org around me ckp I will deliver b4 due date. So as precaution, amik maternity leave awak seminggu dr edd. Tp baby saya baby on time rupenye..
-my water broke at 1040am , 26th nov.

Skarang tgh in labour room sambil tgk Man United vs Newcastle (seri 1-1) n my lovely husband right beside me, sleeping on chair..

Semoga Allah permudahkan urusan kami.. InsyaAllah.

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amirulfaiz said...

Ameen, moga baby dan ibunya sihat dan selmat. :) Moga dipermudahkan semua urusan.