Wednesday, 23 November 2011

@ 39 weekd + 4 days

another 3 days for my EDD and still no sign nor symptom of labour - yet.
It seems like my baby denying all of the predictions made by people surrounding me =p
Or maybe he just wants to give some times for his mama to strongly-mentally prepare and ready with the labour experience.. Well..i do feel very nervous+scare+cantbelieve that im pregnant now..
Allah knows the best and i just wish everything will go smoothly, without complication, & me can bare all the pain of normal delivery..Amin..
I had my antenatal checkup with Dr. Siti @ SJMC last Monday - after few weeks of default appt,( of course for good reasons). Baby is fine so far - fetal heart good, cephalic (head downward), liquor / air ketuban is reducing (which is normal with my current gestational age) but there were 2 things that make me a bit worry

1st - from scan baby weight is estimated around 3.67kg --> besarnyee..muat ke nak kluar thru my birth canal ni??

2nd - i cannot tolerate VE! damn it was painful - for me.. T_T . Hubby seems to be a bit irritated with my reaction - he really has no idea on how it feels! & Dr Siti suggested that maybe i should take epidural for delivery - which I DON'T want to!!
I'm not scared of needles but i do afraid of epidural needle! Anaest was my final posting during housemanship, & for god sake, i still remember how it looks like!
i seriously feel stress & sad with myself..
kagum sgt with all mothers yg pernah go thru semua ni..

Ya Allah.. please berikan hambamu ini kekuatan to go thru all the wonderful things U've created. Please let me deliver via SVD, without complication.. with healthy baby.
Please fogive all my sins..
To everyone i know - especially my husband, parents&perentsinlaw, adik beradik, my relatives & friends - Ampunkan dosa saya samada sengaja atau tidak..doakan semua selamat dan lancar ok..Amin.

actually ingat nk story bout my 1st trimester kt entry jd cerite lain pulak.
it's ok..i will do it on next entry soon.
till then... ~xoxo~

ANC @ 34 weeks

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